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La Brasserie T! announces its immediate closure

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Chef Normand Laprise, author and owner of the famous restaurant Toqué! in Montreal

The Canadian Press

The five addresses of Brasserie T! close, resulting in the layoff of 130 people. Co-owners, chef Normand Laprise and Christine Lamarche, made the announcement Wednesday, citing operating costs, the negative effect of inflation and staff turnover. p>

Brasserie T! had several addresses, in the Mile-End district of Montreal, in Sainte-Thérèse and in Brossard, but also at the Comptoir-Epicerie on Beaumont Avenue in Montreal and at Burger T! of the Time Out Market in the city center of the metropolis.

Shareholders are already looking for professionals in this field willing to acquire the establishments concerned and hire current employees, we can read in a press release. The workers were notified of the news on Wednesday morning, it is said, and the group says it wants to help them find restaurant positions.

The restaurant Toqué!, the flagship of the group led by Normand Laprise, remains in operation and will open on January 10 after the holiday break.

According to Mr. Laprise, chef and co-founder of the group, Brasserie T! was working well and its ridership was good, but the pandemic occurred at the worst time in the network's development. The expansion plan launched in 2019 included a production kitchen and the opening of five Brasserie T! restaurants, he underlines in the press release, saying he took the decision to close with regret and as a very last resort. .

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Operating costs of our production kitchen, located on Beaumont, were too high to provide only three branches. So our operations were loss-making. Without a pandemic, development would already be over, he maintains.

Regarding inflation, he cites the increase in the cost of materials raw materials, construction and wages.

Mr. Laprise and Ms. Lamarche say they want to ensure the sustainability of Toqué!, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2023.

Even if the situation of Brasserie T! has financially weakened the group, the duo hopes to quickly stabilize its condition over the coming months, we can read in the press release.

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