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8e gW Branded & Generic Availability, Dosage, Patent, Value & Gross sales Evaluation - The Times Hub

Branded & Generic Availability, Dosage, Patent, Value & Gross sales Evaluation

Branded & Generic Availability, Dosage, Patent, Value & Gross sales Evaluation

DUBLIN, Feb. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The “US HIV An infection Drug Market, Dosage, Value, Gross sales Perception 2021 – 2026” report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s providing.

“US HIV An infection Drug Market, Dosage, Value, Gross sales Perception 2021 – 2026” report findings, it’s concluded that the analysis and growth pipelines for HIV medication are rising at a excessive fee and on the brighter word, the success fee related to the out there antiretrovirals are persevering with to develop at historic ranges.

Nonetheless, that is boosting the researchers to construct an general sturdy body for medical exercise and finally lead to novel product launches within the upcoming years. It’s estimated that the long run novel merchandise developed within the US bio-pharmaceutical firms and analysis middle may also contribute largely to the common market progress fee.

The analysis report ready delivers perception for the US HIV drug market, which incorporates the expansion areas in addition to the channel perspective. Within the analysis report, the impacts of the novel drug launches are described over the normal medication. Along with it, the market analysis report additionally highlights a number of segments to observe within the subsequent few years for his or her influence on the general progress of the market and the consumption fee.

Pharmaceutical alternatives within the US associated with HIV drug market is noticed to be rising subsequently with time. The momentum that the US has proven in the direction of HIV remedy is making the market a brilliant progress attainer. Tons of of therapies out there have remained profitable in opening up novel home windows for harnessing speedy actions on controlling CD4+ T cells within the human physique.

Though the US HIV drug market hasn’t achieved a whole remedy routine for the sufferers however the effectivity with which the US researchers have delivered particular medication and therapies that might ship higher healthcare situation is magnificent when put next with different emerged markets of the world which are nonetheless adjusting to the mutative nature of the virus. It’s noticed for US HIV drug market that the analysis and growth actions discovered within the nation is believed to be offering intensive emphasis in the marketplace acceptance and enlargement at a big scale in brief time period.

The US HIV drug market will exceed billion {dollars} by the subsequent few years at exponential compound annual progress fee. The distinguished key drivers of the market are estimated to proceed increasing within the US. One of many distinguished causes for the topline progress fee within the US is the excessive alternate fee dynamics and favorable dynamics for prime potent antiretrovirals.

For the enlargement of the HIV drug market within the US, the entire bill spending can also be rising at a excessive compound annual progress fee. Along with this, the web producer income generated by HIV drug market can also be anticipated to develop by a excessive share. As per the analysis carried out, the general spending for the market progress is pushed by excessive vary of things together with elevated fee of novel product uptake.

Within the US, know-how growth can also be a possible democratizing power, which is additional enabling main key gamers within the US to enter the market. For reinforcing the general market, bio-pharmaceutical firms are additionally more and more together with a number of affected person centric approaches and techniques to drive sure organizational modifications out there and finally construct a market able to transducing potential healthcare advantages that might make the lives of the HIV contaminated sufferers higher when put next with markets of the world.

Report Highlights:

    US HIV An infection Medicine Market & Scientific Trial Perception
    Complete Perception On Permitted HIV An infection Medicine Value & Dosage Evaluation For US Market
    HIV An infection Medicine Patent Timeline
    Dosage, Formulation, Patent, Pricing Perception by Drug Class
    360 Web page Information & Evaluation On All Permitted Medicine In Market

Key Matters Lined:

1. US HIV Medicine Market – Prevalence & Statistics

2. US HIV Medicine Market Overview
2.1 Present Market State of affairs
2.2 Scientific Trials Panorama

3. US Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NRTIs) – Branded & Generic Availability, Dosage, Patent, Value & Gross sales Evaluation
3.1 Abacavir (Ziagen)
3.2 Emtricitabine (Emtriva)
3.3 Lamivudine (Epivir)
3.4 Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate (Viread)
3.5 Zidovudine (Retrovir)
3.6 Stavudine (Zerit)
3.7 Didanosine (Videx/Videx EC)

4. US Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NNRTIs) – Branded & Generic Availability, Dosage, Patent, Value & Gross sales Evaluation
4.1 Doravirine (Pifeltro)
4.2 Efavirenz (Sustiva)
4.3 Etravirine (Intelence)
4.4 Rilpivirine (Edurant)
4.5 Nevirapine (Viramune/Viramune XR)

5. US Protease Inhibitors (PIs) – Branded & Generic Availability, Dosage, Patent, & Value Evaluation
5.1 Atazanavir (Reyataz)
5.2 Darunavir (Prezista)
5.3 Fosamprenavir (Lexiva)
5.4 Ritonavir (Norvir)
5.5 Saquinavir (Invirase)
5.6 Tipranavir (Aptivus)
5.7 Nelfinavir (Viracept)
5.8 Amprenavir (Agenerase)
5.9 Indinavir (Crixivan)

6. US Fusion Inhibitors – Branded & Generic Availability, Dosage, Patent, & Value Evaluation
6.1 Enfuvirtide (Fuzeon)

7. US CCR5 Antagonists – Branded & Generic Availability, Dosage, Patent, Value & Gross sales Evaluation
7.1 Maraviroc (Selzentry)

8. US Integrase Inhibitors – Branded & Generic Availability, Dosage, Patent, Value & Gross sales Evaluation
8.1 Dolutegravir (Tivicay)
8.2 Raltegravir (Isentress/Isentress HD)

9. US Attachment Inhibitors – Branded & Generic Availability, Dosage, Patent, Value & Gross sales Evaluation
9.1 Ibalizumab-Uiyk (Trogarzo)
9.2 Fostemsavir (Rukobia)

10. US Pharmacokinetic Enhancers – Availability, Dosage, Patent & Value Evaluation
10.1 Cobicistat (Tybost)

11. US Combinational HIV Medicine – Branded & Generic Availability, Dosage, Patent, Value & Gross sales Evaluation
11.1 Abacavir/Lamivudine (Epzicom)
11.2 Abacavir/Dolutegravir/Lamivudine (Triumeq)
11.3 Abacavir/Lamivudine/Zidovudine) Trizivir
11.4 Atazanavir/Cobicistat (Evotaz)
11.5 Bictegravir/ Emtricitabine/ Tenofovir Alafenamide (Biktarvy)
11.6 Cobicistat/Darunavir (Prezcobix)
11.7 Cobicistat/Darunavir/Emtricitabine/Tenofovir (Symtuza)
11.8 Dolutegravir/Lamivudine (Dovato)
11.9 Dolutegravir/Rilpivirine (Juluca)
11.10 Doravirine/Lamivudine/Tenofovir (Delstrigo)
11.11 Efavirenz/Emtricitabine/Tenofovir (Atripla)
11.12 Efavirenz/Lamivudine/Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate (Symfi/Simfi Lo)
11.13 Cobicistat/Elvitegravir/Emtricitabine/Tenofovir Alafenamide Fumarate (Genvoya)
11.14 Cobicistat/ Elvitegravir/ Emtricitabine/ Tenofovir (Stribild)
11.15 Emtricitabine/ Rilpivirine/ Tenofovir Alafenamide (Odefsey)
11.16 Emtricitabine/Rilpivirine/Tenofovir (Complera)
11.17 Emtricitabine/Tenofovir Alafenamide (Descovy)
11.18 Emtricitabine/Tenofovir (Truvada)
11.19 Lamivudine/Tenofovir
11.20 Lamivudine/Zidovudine (Combivir)
11.21 Lopinavir/Ritonavir (Kaletra)
11.22 Cabotegravir/Rilpivirine (Cabenuva)
11.23 Emtricitabine / Nelfinavir / Tenofovir Oral Equipment
11.24 Emtricitabine / Lopinavir / Ritonavir / Tenofovir Oral Equipment

12. Compititive Panorama
12.1 AbbVie
12.2 AstraZeneca plc
12.3 Boehringer Ingelheim
12.4 Bristol Myers Squibb
12.5 Gilead
12.6 GlaxoSmithKline plc
12.7 Janssen Prescription drugs
12.8 Merck
12.9 Pfizer
12.10 Roche
12.11 Solar Pharma
12.12 ViiV Healthcare

For extra details about this report go to https://www.researchandmarkets.com/r/r12fq8

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