Brake failure: what to do so that this does not happen to you

Brake failure: what to do so that this does not happen to you

Solving problems as they come is good in many areas of life, but definitely not in car maintenance. Because “act” can, among other things, failure of the brakes while driving. And it's really dangerous. Brake problems need to be addressed before they occur. There are no difficulties here, because there is the Avtopro website, where you can quickly, inexpensively and conveniently buy replacement parts.

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Brake maintenance guidelines

1. Regular inspection

Even if the car behaves perfectly, inspect the brakes every 10 thousand kilometers. There should not be any “bells” that it is time to carry out diagnostics. Any “bells” are already a distress signal. Check the condition of all elements of the brake system, paying special attention to the pads and discs. If a detailed inspection reveals any signs of deterioration, repairs cannot be postponed. After buying a used car, check the brakes immediately, even if the former owner says they are in perfect order.

2. Prevention

Bought a car older than 10 years? Brake hoses are best replaced, no matter how great they look. 10 years of operation means that they are definitely already worn out and can lead to depressurization of the brake system at any time. It is recommended to replace the brake fluid together with the hoses.

Brake failure: what to do, so this doesn't happen to you

3. The quality of the components

You can't save on parts for the brake system, because your safety directly depends on them. Cheap pads can start to crumble and spoil discs, in some cases such surrogates simply do not perform their function, that is, they do not slow down. A squeak immediately after installation is a signal that you have wasted your money and the pads urgently need to be changed. Again.

Choose parts from trusted manufacturers, and this is not an overpayment for a brand, but a guarantee of quality you can rely on.