“Brain fog” .. a new disease threatens and solved in our hands!

September 12, 2021 by archyde

With age, health problems begin to appear gradually, perhaps the most important of which are diseases that affect memory such as Alzheimer’s, for example.

Sometimes these problems are not limited to the elderly, but may also affect young people, which is what is known these days as the problem of contemporary “brain fog”.

‘brain fog’

The pressures of daily life and the large amount of news that reaches the human brain through social media may cause many problems, known as “brain fog”, and among the most important symptoms of which are dispersion, memory loss and the inability to focus.

However, scientists have finally confirmed, according to a study published in the journal Alzheimer’s Disease “IOS Press”, the ability of a nutritional supplement to stabilize memory, especially in cases of Alzheimer’s disease. Uppsala” in Sweden studied a number of cases of people with Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s memory

And the small sample was divided into two groups, the first was given omega-3 supplements and the second was given a placebo supplement as a control group. The group that was not given supplementation.

Noticeable results

In turn, Yvonne Freund Levy, a researcher in the field of neuroscience at the University of “Orebro”, explained in a press release about the results of the study, that although there were notable results on memory, the research did not detect any differences between groups in the cerebrospinal fluid samples.

The researcher also indicated the need for more studies, stressing that the results are very interesting and can be built upon.

“Brain fog” .. a new disease threatens and solved in our hands!

She also expressed her hope to release recommendations to patients after confirming and deepening research, so that doctors can slow the course of Alzheimer’s disease in their patients.

It is noteworthy that patients who were taking omega-3 supplements at an early stage of the disease recorded better results than others.

In addition, the supervisor gave the best advice for people to include omega-3s in the diet, in the form of meals of oily fish or supplements.

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