Borrell: Russian blockade of Ukrainian wheat is a war crime

Borrell: Russian blockade of Ukrainian wheat is a war crime

Borrel: Russian blockade of Ukrainian wheat – a war crime

EU diplomat Josep Borrell (file photo)   Borrell: Russian blockade of Ukrainian wheat is a war crime

The head of the EU diplomacy called on Russia to open the Black Sea routes, which are crucial for the export of most Ukrainian grain

Russia is committing a war crime by blocking the export of millions of tons of Ukrainian wheat, EU Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said during a meeting on Monday meetings of EU foreign ministers. Its participants, what can be done in the face of this blockade and the growing global food crisis.

Ukraine is one of the largest suppliers of wheat in the world, but its supply stopped after the Russian invasion. More than 20 million tons of grain were locked up in Ukrainian ports due to the Russian blockade.

Josep Borrell urged Russia to open the Black Sea for the transport of Ukrainian grain.

“It is impossible to imagine that millions tons of wheat continued to be blocked in Ukraine, while in the rest of the world people suffer from hunger,” Borrell told reporters, arriving for talks in Luxembourg, “this is a real war crime.”

Russia denies any involvement in the food crisis, blaming it on Western sanctions against Moscow and UN warnings of starvation in poor countries dependent on imported grain.

The EU supports UN efforts to mediate a renewal agreement Ukraine's maritime exports in exchange for facilitating Russian food and fertilizer exports, but this requires Moscow's consent.

receipt of a new crop, to release at least part of the previous year's crop, which is still in Ukrainian elevators. German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock said that Berlin supports Poland and Romania in order to use their railways to export Ukrainian grain.

In 2021, Ukraine harvested a record 84 million tons of wheat in net weight compared to 65 million tons in 2020.