Borrell calling Putin at the lie about the export of grain from Ukraine

Borrell calling Putin at the lie about the export of grain from Ukraine

Borrell called Putin's lie about grain export from Ukraine

High representative EU Josep Borrell

Information about “export of Ukrainian wheat not recognized” – this is propaganda of the Russian Federation, appointing an official.

President of the Russian Federation Volodymyr Putin is spreading untruthful information about those that Ukrainian grain is not exported for recognition. On Tuesday, 20 September, the high representative of the EU, Josep Borrell, announced in New York a press conference for the bags of the informal ministers of foreign affairs of the country of the EU, as is traditionally welcomed before the cob of the UN General Assembly.


& # 8220; It is our fault to continue fighting against Russian propaganda and її bad narratives. I want to bring deakі facts. Grain pleasing to the UN and our success in promoting & # 8220; linear solidarity & # 8221; already allowed to lower prices for food throughout the world. Most of the Ukrainian grain exports were directed to the country, as required. Look at the data, statistics. Two-thirds of Ukrainian exports are delivered to Africa, the Close One and Asia. That is not true, as Putin said, that the grain exported from Ukraine did not reach the people who would demand it”, – added vin.

However, Russia did not block Ukrainian food exports and did not bombard Ukraine's strong supporting infrastructure.

In other words, the EU has already seen a sum of 7.7 billion euros until 2024 for the small needs of cherry food. Encourage you to help richly relocate everything that is trying to work, or declare it to the lands of Russia.

“ In some countries, and in Somalia, with a sharp butt, the UN can voice an episcopal camp… Nothing, the UN Crime and EU, not having grown up more to fight this great problem” , – naming Borrell.

I also said that there are only two reasons for food problems in the world: climate change and the Russian blockade of Ukrainian ports.