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Boris Nadejdine submits the signatures for his application

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Boris Nadejdine, during the submission of the signatures necessary for his candidacy.

Agence France-Presse

Boris Nadejdine, the only opponent of the assault in Ukraine vying for the Russian presidential election, on Wednesday submitted the signatures of support necessary to register his candidacy for the vote scheduled for March 15 to 17.

Signatures submitted, validated a member of the Electoral Commission, according to an AFP journalist on site.

Little known to the general public, this veteran of Russian political life, who advocates an end to the assault in Ukraine and denounces the authoritarian drift of Vladimir Putin, has aroused unexpected enthusiasm in recent days with tens of thousands of Russians mobilizing to support his candidacy. /p>

Thank you very much to those who believed in us, declared this former liberal MP to the press.

Everything went well, he underlined, regarding the collection of signatures of more than 100,000 voters supporting him, the threshold necessary to see his candidacy validated by the authorities.

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On Wednesday, he even handed over 105,000 to the Central Electoral Commission, Mr. Nadejdine told the press.

The Electoral Commission should for its part rule on Mr. Nadejdine's candidacy within the next ten days, knowing that there is, in addition to the number of signatures, a question of quota per administrative entity to be respected.

Several hundred Muscovites had lined up in recent days to sign in favor of Mr. Nadezhdine, a legal means for them to demonstrate their direct opposition to the Kremlin's policies , in a country where any dissenting voice is severely repressed.

At 60 years old, however, the person concerned has few illusions about the result of the presidential election, as the re-election of Vladimir Putin, in power since 2000, seems obvious.

But I hope that March 17 will perhaps mark the end, the beginning of the end of x27;Putin era

A quote from Boris Nadezhdine

My candidacy gives people a unique opportunity to legally protest against current policies, confided in an interview with AFP with this former advisor to Boris Nemtsov, an opponent assassinated in 2015.

Difficult to know how far this elected official #x27;a town on the outskirts of Moscow can go, but the Kremlin in any case does not hide its disdain towards it: We do not consider it as a competitor, recently said Dmitri Peskov, spokesperson for Vladimir Putin.

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