Boris Johnson may get a new position in Ukraine

Boris Johnson may get a new position in Ukraine

Boris Johnson may get a new position in Ukraine

Boris Johnson's political career may not end after before he finally steps down as leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister of Great Britain.

According to the British tabloid The Sun, Johnson may be appointed to a new position – special representative in Ukraine. Officials want the former prime minister to assume the important role of a diplomatic linchpin between Western allies and the war-torn country. This would allow him to further develop his close relationship with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and maintain his influential position on the world stage.

If Johnson accepts such an appointment, it will mean that he will continue to irritate Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin . The Sun writes that the idea of ​​a new role for the British ex-premier was proposed by former government advisers. And now it is allegedly considered at the highest level.

A group of former strategic advisers and defense officials are convinced that Johnson would be ideally suited to the role of special representative in Ukraine because of his unique authority and deep knowledge of all key parties. Military strategist and adviser to the Chairman of the British Chiefs of Staff Professor Gwithian Prince told The Sun that the new role would be a “golden path” from Downing Street for Johnson.

“There is an international need for the services of Boris Johnson. These are special circumstances and in order to deal with them, you need a special person, & ndash; An unnamed source told The Sun.

Also, British and Ukrainian officials allegedly said that the Johnson team was offered a plan for a quick return to the political arena. Because the war that Putin unleashed has reached a critical phase. And influencers like Johnson can help change the course of events. The Sun writes that the task of the ex-premier will be to mediate between the West and Ukraine in the issue of the supply of weapons and other military assistance. He could also “get a role in any future peace talks.”

A source close to government advisers told The Sun that such a scenario would allow Johnson to come off the “political tinderbox” with dignity. His political enemies would be satisfied. And the House of Commons wouldn't vote on a vote of confidence. If he accepts the new role, he will follow in the footsteps of Labor's Tony Blair, who stepped down as prime minister and became a special representative of the Middle East Quartet. Blair held the post until 2015.

«The Prime Minister was completely focused on ending this heinous war. He will continue to support Ukraine's security, protect its sovereignty, deter further aggression and return to its peaceful existence,” an unnamed Downing Street source told The Sun.   Prepared by: Nina Petrovich