Borel was criticized in the camp of the AP of the country-members of the EU

Borel was criticized in the camp of the AP of the country-members of the EU

Borel criticized the AP camp of the country-member of the EU

Representative of the EU from abroad ref. Josep Borrell

European lands have passed away the budgets of the European countries, just like the Well-Being States, China and Russia – increased.

The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, criticized the current camp of the armed forces of the countries-members of the EU and urged the European countries to think seriously about the European defense of that future. About this on Saturday, 27 sickle, the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell, stating in a blog post on the website of the European Foreign Political Service, write to UNIAN.

Borrell has designated that the main method of the European armies for the remaining 20 years of the boules “expeditionary operations”, as well as in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Sahel.

With all the wines, having determined that in the course of this hour a series of sharp and soon unsatisfied defense budgets throughout Europe was created, if the United States, China, Russia and others increased theirs dramatically.

“Also , an outstanding expansion between the European countries and others has sharply increased. As I repeatedly stverdzhuvav, tse those that we can terminovo virishiti & # 8221;, & # 8211; assigning wine.

Borrell turned his back on China.

& # 8220; At the same time, the military-marine fleet can have more ships, the lower fleet of the United States. In addition, we have been fighting for the first time around Taiwan, as China is preparing to use its military strength to strengthen its clear signal & # 8221;, & # 8211; scoring wine.

Water hour, following the words of Borrell, the European armed forces changed into their own “bonsai-army”.

“European army “ vyholostili” it became like a “bonsai-army”: the stench looks like a real one, but it shrunk to miniature versions”, – vvazha diplomat.

As a butt, vin navіv the statement of the Chief of the General Staff of France, which vydkrito put under the sumnіv zdatnіv frantsskoї army to conduct a conflict “high intensity” on the European land.

Borrell, calling on the European lands to take pity on them, as if to conduct a territorial defense and an asymmetric war on the countryside.

Behind the words of Borrell, you need to work within the framework of NATO, shards may be all the member countries of the EU at the same time as members of the Alliance.