Bored or scolded? The videos with the worst faces of Ben Affleck with Jennifer Lopez at the Grammys 2023

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After a series of video clips and photographs caused thousands of memes on social networks, the actor's viral reaction with JLo continues to give people something to talk about < /h2>


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Ben Affleck with Jennifer Lopez at the 2023 Grammys (Photos: KEVIN MAZUR GETTY IMAGES/TNT)

The 65th Grammy Awards left several unique moments for the musical field, because several winners left a mark in history; however, some “uncomfortable” situations also occurred that were caught on camera and quickly went viral on social networks.

Proof of this is the face of actor Ben Affleck with his wife Jennifer Lopez, singer who attended the ceremony for the music industry's most coveted gramophone to present an award. However, the faces, grimaces and other lack of corporal expression that the interpreter of The Batman had have surpassed what happened in the night organized by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

Although the newlyweds, after a first attempt to walk down the aisle 17 years ago, did pose smiling before some photos that were taken of them, the face of the Oscar winner has generated all kinds of memes and topics of conversation on social networks, because more than one video has generated speculation about a possible scolding by JLo of him or that he simply was bored at the 2023 Grammys.

The actor and singer became trending after a series of photos and videos at the 2023 Grammys

Last year, actor and performer of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Zack Snyder's Justice League yThe Last Thing He Wanted married Jennifer Lopez, after they had a relationship that ended abruptly in the early 2000s. Since they relived their passion, the artists have been photographed together on several occasions and on many of them the remarkable fatigue of Ben Affleck has drawn attention, which was seen at the Grammys.

< p class="paragraph">Every time the actor was captured by the cameras, he was seen tired and somewhat fed up, which is why Spanish, English and Portuguese-speaking Internet users immediately began to comment on it on social networks and make memes. Although for this occasion a second clip could have given another version of what the famous could be experiencing.

More than one viewer realized that Jennifer Lopez would have scolded Ben Affleck after he said something in her ear. Even though a smile can be seen on her face, the actor reacted differently, alarming the couple's fans, because now I know special that their faces were due to the fact that they are not having as “good” as months ago they let him be seen at other events and their social networks.

Bored or scolded? The videos with the worst faces of Ben Affleck with Jennifer Lopez at the Grammys 2023

Although the actors smiled when they realized that the cameras were recording them, fans assure that there would be tension between the two (Photo: JOHNNY NUNEZGETTY IMAGES)

It should be noted that at one point during the Grammy ceremony the actor was seen giving the singer a kiss on the cheek but she immediately turned around, said a few words to him and both were briefly upset; Noticing that they were being focused on, they turned their attention to Trevor Noah, who was making a joke a few steps away.

The thousands of comments that have accompanied memes and opinions about what the couple demonstrates in each public appearance have revolved around the fact that they could be going through a moment of “crisis” in their recent marriage, since he and his face have been a key piece for the rumor of conflicts to gain strength in each time they are seen together.

The actor and singer became a trend after a series of photos and videos at the 2023 Grammys

“Maybe now he thinks it wasn't so good idea to get back with JLo, just like millions do with their exes. “After all, I think they are not having as good a time as they said months ago.” “If they give you a gift live, it's a clear sign that that marriage was worth it, poor Jenni.” “Let's hope this is not just the beginning of the end that everyone suspects and with those faces it is half confirmed”, netizens said.

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