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Borderlands: Cate Blanchett made this funny decision to prepare for her role

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul9,2024

Expected on August 7, Borderlands is the new film by Eli Roth, adapted from of the famous video game of the same name. Find out how Cate Blanchett prepared for her career. her role as Lilith.

Borderlands: Cate Blanchett took this decision

Borderlands : the history of the game

Borderlandsis a video game franchise developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games. Since 2009, four opuses have been released on PlayStation, XBox and PC. The latest, Borderlands 3, was released in 2019. Borderlandsis a shooter game the first person combined with RPG elements. The story takes place in a dystopian future, primarily on the fictional planet Pandora. The universe is characterized by with a unique cel-shading artistic style, which gives a comic book look to the graphics.

Borderlands: Cate Blanchett made this funny decision to prepare for her role

Players choose from different characters (called “Vault Hunters”) each with unique skills and playstyles. The game emphasizes multiplayer cooperation, allowing players to play together. friends to play together online or split-screen. The series is known for its irreverent humor, its eccentric characters and its memorable dialogues. The story often revolves around the search for chests (“Vaults”) which contain treasures and extraterrestrial technologies.

The film by Eli Roth

Like many of video games, Borderlands will therefore go through the Hollywood machine. Eli Roth, the director of the Hostel saga, of The Green Inferno or even the recent Thanksgiving was therefore chosen to adapt Borderlands to the cinema.

Borderlands: Cate Blanchett made this funny decision to prepare for her role

Cate Blanchett was cast in Borderlands. hired to play Lilith,one of the protagonists of the story. The latter is a bounty hunter with a past. trouble. Back on her native planet, Pandora, she begins to explore the search for the missing daughter of Atlas, one of the most powerful men in the galaxy.

During a recent interview with Empire, Cate Blanchett recently ;high that before accepting the role of Lilith, she had never played a role. à Borderlands.But to prepare as best as possible for filming, the actress actually bought a film. a PlayStation to be able to play the video game:

My thumbs are already worn out. having trouble with a phone… But hey, I still bought one. a PS5 and we played à Borderlands with my husband. I wanted to know the limits of the game and what the fans liked about my character. I was truly absorbed by this universe. Cosplayers. YouTube makeup tutorials. Everything.

Borderlands: Cate Blanchett took this decision

The 55-year-old actress then explained: why she had accepted this role even though she knew nothing about it. the universe of Borderlands.It is precisely this initial postulate that intrigued him. and pushed à to embark on this adventure:

Crazy requests are usually the things that attract me the most. I like concepts that I could never conceive of. I think there may have also been a bit of a Covid effect… because I was spending way too much time in my garden outside. play the chainsaw without too much safety. And my husband found that this film could save my life by getting me back to work.

Expected this summer in theaters, this adaptation brings together a four-star cast including Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Edgar Ramirez and Jamie Lee Curtis. A crazy action comedy, Borderlands promises to be one of this summer's hits.


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