Bordeaux: “People want to eat well, quickly and vary the pleasures”, Etchebest launches into street food

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INTERVIEW The highly publicized Bordeaux chef is launching a new (ephemeral) project this fall around street food

Bordeaux: « People want to eat well, quickly and vary the pleasures », Etchebest is launching into street food

Philippe Etchebest, in his restaurant Maison Nouvelle, place des Chartrons in Bordeaux — Mickaël Bosredon/20 Minutes

  • The Bordeaux chef is launching “Signature by Philippe Etchebest”, an ephemeral place around street food.
  • There he will offer a simplified and gourmet version of his signature dish, foie gras and mushroom ravioli.
  • Marked by street food in Thailand and Hong Kong, the starred chef is thus concretizing a project he had in mind for a while.

A “unique street food experience.” Chef Philippe Etchebest launches starting this Tuesday a new concept at; Bordeaux: “Signature by Philippe Etchebest”. It is an ephemeral place, installed at the Pop Up Club (July 30 course) where he will adapt his signature dish, mushroom ravioli, pan-fried foie gras, creamy mushroom. Served in its brasserie on the Quatrième Mur or its gourmet restaurant Maison Nouvelle, this dish will be adapted to your taste buds. to be able to be tasted on site, or at take home.

Gourmets will also be able to discover the This occasion the chocolate raviole (chocolate ravioli dough, chocolate ganache, chocolate streusel crunch and chocolate sauce to be enjoyed hot or cold). 20 Minutes asked the Bordeaux chef on this new project.

Why are you embarking on this street food project? Bordeaux?

It all started from the success of my signature dish, the foie gras-mushroom raviole, a dish that I created for myself. in 1996 and which has never stopped to follow me. People love him, literally. the brasserie [du Quatrième Mur], we sell hundreds of them per week, and it has almost traveled the world. I like mushrooms and foie gras, and I find that the combination of the two works very well. So I said to myself, why not let the public benefit from it in a different way, simpler, more fun, by bringing it to your home or to a restaurant? his work, or by eating it on a bench in the street, with a spoon.

Bordeaux: « People want to eat well, quickly and vary the pleasures », Etchebest launches into street food

Foie gras ravioli mushroom by Philippe Etchebest, available in a street food version. – Philippe Etchebest

How will the dish you serve in a street food version be different from the one you serve in a street food restaurant? the brewery?

The structure will remain the same, but we have worked on the dough, on the mushroom, on the creaminess… There is a rehabilitation to make it easy to follow. eat, convenient, while staying balanced.

Have you wanted to get into street food for a long time?

During confinement, we offered dishes àgrave; take away. It was a first approach, a try, despite the fact that us! But I already had the idea in mind well before Covid. I would even say that we have been stopped in our momentum towards causes this pandemic. But this finally allowed us to test, before officially bringing to fruition today this project that I had in mind for a while.

You are also going to ;Turn the ravioli into a dessert version, all in chocolate. Is this a creation for the occasion?

Yes, there it is a creation. This is very interesting, because you can eat it warm or cold. We can make the ravioli in many different ways, and we will also offer a completely vegetarian ravioli.

What inspires you about street food?< /strong>

I love this kitchen! eat on the go, I was particularly happy to eat on the go. marked by street food in Thailand and abroad Hong Kong. There is a pretty strong street food culture there, and we eat incredible things there. But even in France there is a craze for street food, because people want to eat quickly, it’s true, but they also want to eat well, and vary the pleasures.

Are you embarking on an ephemeral project, for a period of three weeks, is it a trial run before concretizing this idea in a sustainable way?

We will take stock the end of this pop-up. But of course I believe in this concept, otherwise I will not get into it.

“Signature by Philippe Etchebest”, from 12” ;September to October 1, at Pop Up Club, 8, July 30th Bordeaux. Signature menu (Dish + dessert + salad) at; 18.50 euros, vegetarian menu at 15.50 euros, or at the map.