Borat Subsequent Moviefilm : October surprise! ★★★ ½

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm : October surprise! ★★★ ½

No, Sacha Baron Cohen has not calmed down over time. However, it was believed that his Borat had disappeared forever in the depths of his Kazakhstan countryside, given his notoriety. In the first part of his cinematographic adventures, which dates back to 2006, the anonymity of the comedian was an asset to take advantage of the credulity of his interlocutors. Fourteen years later, how do you go about it when the character has become a star, just as much as the one who embodies it?

Sacha Baron Cohen found two solutions. As we can already see in the trailer, Borat Sagdiyev will start betting on disguises to do his job. The journalist quickly realized, upon his return on a special mission to America after being sentenced to life to forced labor in Kazakhstan for having humiliated the nation, that he was now recognized in the streets. Some even chase him to get his autograph.

The second, accidental solution is the contribution of Borat’s teenage daughter, Tutar. The latter has indeed also made the trip – we spare you the details – and the two characters are almost found in a hyper trash version of My circus to me. Played by Maria Bakalova, a 24-year-old actress who can easily pass for a teenager, Tutar takes everything from her father, including her propensity to say and do the worst things in all circumstances, without any filter. If Sacha Baron Cohen’s nerve has already been recognized and celebrated, it will now be necessary to do the same for that of this young woman.

Maria Bakalova and Sacha Baron Cohen in Borat Subsequent Movie, a movie directed by Jason Woliner.

Visibly not cold in the eyes, Maria Bakalova also finds herself telling in front of a group of conservative women the very recent discovery of sexual pleasure that Tutar has made, using very little flowery terms. She also embarks on a folk dance with Sacha Baron Cohen during a ball held in Mason, Georgia, a remnant of a time when slavers introduced their young “beginner” daughters to high society.

An ally of Donald Trump
Party with the precise mission of offering a relative of the American president a gift on behalf of the Kazakh government, Borat also manages to infiltrate the political world. In this regard, we will remember his presence at a conference given by Vice-President Mike Pence. We cannot ignore either an extremely disturbing episode – it is all the more so when one does not expect it – in which is involved a prominent political figure. So as not to spoil the effect on those who do not yet know who – or what – it is, let’s keep the mystery here.

Therein lies the best trick of the character. Racist, misogynistic and intolerant in all its aspects, Borat finds in Donald Trump an ally he admires, in whom he finally recognizes himself. Hence his ability to draw the worst confessions from supporters of the president, including conspirators. Often hilariously, Sacha Baron Cohen shatters any notion of political correctness, even if, this time around, the way is more predictable.


Borat Subsequent Moviefilm , by Jason Voliner

Filmed in secret and partly during the pandemic, this film, of which everyone was unaware until very recently, could well be the famous “October surprise” of this presidential election.

Subsequent Moviefilm Borat: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe To American Regime For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan Once ( Borat’s film after – The incredible subterfuge the US regime to highlight the nation of Kazakhstan, once so glorious French) is offered exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

★★★ ½

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. Satirical comedy by Jason Voliner. With Sacha Baron Cohen, Maria Bakalova
1 h 36.

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