Borat returns to trap and mock Trump supporters

(Los Angeles) Borat, the fictional Kazakh journalist played by British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, is back on the screens, and it’s bad news for deniers, supporters of Donald Trump and even the lawyer of this last, Rudy Giuliani.

The continuation of the adventures of Borat, soberly titled Borat 2 in French version, but whose original title is Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe To American Regime For Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan , will be available from October 23 on Amazon Prime .

The first episode of his crazy adventures across the United States, in 2006, had collected 260 million dollars, an Oscar selection and left cult scenes, like that of the “mankini”, a surprising thong with straps loved by Borat.

Like the first film, Borat 2 was shot as a mock documentary this summer – as containment measures eased in the United States – by Sacha Baron Cohen and his team to better trap political figures and anonymous with his reporter character backward and indelicate.

The plot of the new opus has not yet been unveiled, but the most daring scenes have already started to be talked about: Rudy Giulani admitted in July to having been the victim of a false “interview” organized in a bedroom hotel in the presence of a very enterprising young woman.

In the film, the 76-year-old former mayor of New York seems to end up in a bad way, since he is found with his hand in his pants.

He defended himself on Twitter on Wednesday for any bad intentions, accusing Borat’s video of being “fabricated”. “I would put my shirt back into my pants after removing the recording equipment,” he wrote.

“At no time before, during or after the interview have I behaved inappropriately. If Sacha Baron Cohen implies the opposite, he is shamelessly lying, ”insists Rudy Giuliani in his tweet.

He had previously told the New York Post that he believed he was answering questions about the handling of the pandemic by Donald Trump’s administration and that he did not immediately realize “that it must be Sacha Baron Cohen ”.

“I thought of all the people he had fooled before me and I was proud of myself because he didn’t have me,” he told the newspaper.

Close to Donald Trump, Mr. Giuliani is not the only Republican to have been ridiculed by Borat, sometimes at the latter’s risk and peril.

In a column for TIME magazine , Sacha Baron Cohen recently opened up about how he seriously feared for his life when he invited himself, for the purposes of his film, to a gun-friendly rally in the Washington State.

Fake Twitter account
Borat 2 imagines that the Kazakh journalist, sentenced to forced labor after the debacle of the first episode, is offered a chance to boost his reputation and that of his country by offering a gift to Vice President Mike Pence.

A viral advertising campaign is underway to promote the film, including via a Twitter account parodying the government of Kazakhstan which string together the most absurd ads written in broken English, for example congratulating President Trump for “crushing given Covid to him by Democrats ”.

Sacha Baron Cohen came to promote himself on Monday evening on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, which he notably submitted to a strange “Kazakh plague questionnaire” before performing a very politically incorrect physical examination on him for the coronavirus.

If Jimmy Kimmel was complicit in these eccentricities, many victims of Borat 2 were trapped without their knowledge.

The first film had given rise to certain legal proceedings, such as those initiated by students appearing at length on the screen. The new episode is already the subject of a complaint filed by the heirs of a Holocaust survivor, who died this summer shortly after being interviewed by Baron Cohen.

Judith Dim Evans is filmed educating Borat about Nazi concentration camps and comes across in a positive light, but her daughter says she did not want to appear in a comedy work about the genocide.

Sacha Baron Cohen, who is himself Jewish, is an ardent slayer of anti-Semitism and revisionism and militates against conspiracy theories that are flourishing on social media.

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