Bookmakers bet on black Pope if Francis abdicates

Bookmakers bet on black Pope if Francis abdicates

Bookies are betting on black Pope if Francis abdicates

Photo: Alessandra Tarantino/AP

Against the backdrop of rumors about the possible abdication of the Pope, bookmakers began to bet on cardinals of African and Asian origin. It is reported by  Newsweek.

Rumors that the current pontiff may abdicate began to actively spread in society after Francis had to cancel planned visits to the Dominican Republic and South Sudan due to  joint problems. For the past month, the head of the Roman Catholic Church has been forced to move around in a wheelchair. In the event that he decides to abdicate his post, the cardinals will have to secretly choose a new head of the Catholics of the whole world.

British bookmaker OLBG estimated the chances of Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle from Philippines to election as the next Pope in  5/1. Many also refer to Cardinal Peter Turkson from Ghana as a replacement for Francis. His odds are rated at  6/1.

Another bookmaker, Paddy Power rates Turkson 4/1 and Tagle — 6/1.

BAGNET recalls that Francis' predecessor, Benedict XVI, also left the post of Pope before his death. He became the first head of the Catholic Church in 600 years to retire.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga