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Book by Catherine Dorion: Christine Labrie says she feels «  Guilty »" /></p>
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<p class=Christine Labrie, solidarity MP for Sherbrooke (Archive photo)

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MP and aspiring solidarity spokesperson Christine Labrie came to the defense of her former colleague Catherine Dorion in a long message on Facebook.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">What I feel the strongest is a mixture of sadness and guilt for not having seen the extent of Catherine's distress, she wrote.

Like many other of my colleagues, I had underestimated his suffering, and after reading the story of his time in the solidarity caucus, I [feel] guilty, added Ms. Labrie.

The former Solidaire MP for Taschereau has just published a punchy book in which she sharply criticizes the parliamentary leader of Québec Solidaire, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, the work of a member of the National Assembly and journalists.

In her message, Christine Labrie also criticizes the work of the media. She says that during a press conference which focused on the Laurent commission and autistic children, a journalist had instead asked whether Catherine Dorion's exit in support of the Maipoils movement harmed the credibility of the party.

It was Manon [Massé] who responded. Perhaps it's better that way, because I would have wanted to tell him that by asking this question, it was he who was harming his own credibility as a journalist. Clearly, at that moment, he preferred to feed the click machine than to address the way in which vulnerable children are taken care of in Quebec, she relates.

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In her book entitled “Les têtes brûlés”, Catherine Dorion looks back on the many obstacles she encountered during her four-year mandate as an MP.

However, the idea [that] Catherine was responsible for the lack of interest in our political work never crossed my mind. It is the journalists and columnists who are responsible for the subjects they choose to address or remain silent, continues the solidarity MP from Sherbrooke.

We don't have the slightest control over the subjects that will cover the newspapers or go completely unnoticed, and Catherine's departure has not changed the fact that the vast majority of our work still goes unnoticed.< /p>

Christine Labrie admits that she does not have the same vision as her former colleague regarding the work of parliamentarian.< /p>

His vision of representation is to offer a committed show to create emotion and generate a social movement . Mine is to relay citizen concerns to influence decisions and generate changes that improve the life of the world. The two are absolutely essential and feed off each other, she explains.

Last week, Gabriel Nadeau -Dubois also responded to Catherine Dorion on Facebook, maintaining that the story she gave of her time in politics was upsetting and admitting that their relationship had not been easy.


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