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Bonnardel says no to additional funding for the Quebec police ;bec

Minister François Bonnardel believes that we should not compare the situation of armed violence in Montreal to that of Quebec.

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The Minister of Public Security does not currently intend to grant the request from the Quebec City Police Service (SPVQ), which is calling for additional funding to combat armed violence on its territory. François Bonnardel suggests that the police department request help from the Sûreté du Québec if it is overwhelmed.

During question period in the National Assembly on Thursday, François Bonnardel refused to trivialize the number of murders that occurred in Quebec.

S& #x27;there is a need for help in terms of investigations for the City of Quebec, the Sûreté du Québec can be available, he said after being questioned by the Liberal spokesperson on matters of public safety, Jennifer Maccarone.

We met with the City of Quebec, we know that there are particular situations, we are following the situation very, very closely and we are not trivializing at all, at all, the number of murders in the territory of Quebec . We take the situation very seriously, adds the minister.

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“Each murder, each attempt, is one too many,” says François Bonnardel in reference to the number of homicides occurring in Quebec in 2023 .

In February, Quebec City asked the provincial government for additional funding of $77 million over five years. Of this amount, $63.3 million would be intended to combat armed violence and $13.7 million would fund mental health services provided by community organizations, in partnership with the SPVQ.

The Liberal MP relaunched the minister, recalling that the Ministry of Public Security has invested massively in Montreal and Laval to combat armed violence.

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Armed violence does not stop in Montreal. There are also some here in Quebec, says Jennifer Maccarone. Is the life of a resident of Quebec worth less than that of a Montrealer?

Compare the armed violence situation between Montreal, Quebec and Laval… for a moment! retorted François Bonnardel from the other side of the Salon bleu.

Québec remains one of the safest cities in North America. I repeat, do not try to make me say that I am trivializing the number of murders. I give facts about recent years. There was one more murder in 2023, if we follow the average of recent years.

A quote from François Bonnardel, Minister of Public Security

Tuesday, François Bonnardel said in the corridors of the National Assembly that the number of murders this year in Quebec was approaching the toll of recent years.

The number of murders since 2017 in Quebec is on average six. This year, we have seven murders. There is one month left, he said.

The figures provided by the SPVQ to Radio-Canada rather allow us to conclude at an average of 4.6 murders per year since 2017, a year marked by the attack at the great mosque of Quebec which left 6 victims.

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The mayor of Quebec refrained from criticizing the minister's comments, instead reiterating the needs of the police force.

It is not because we are not where Montreal was a few months, a year or two ago that we should say that we are in a good situation, that we have nothing to do, said Bruno Marchand. The context is changing, we must be able to act in prevention. I don't want to be one of those politicians who only acts when things are bad to act like a hero.

I think that in the medium term we need more financing. Mr. Girard will be a valuable player in the future.

A quote from Bruno Marchand, mayor of Quebec

The mayor says that the City is already doing its part by investing $114 million in a new police headquarters. He believes that the Minister of Finance, Eric Girard, will have to provide sums for the SPVQ.

We need our partner from the Quebec government to help us, and yes, Mr. Girard will have to help Mr. Bonnardel in the next budget so that we can be together to counter these phenomena.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">At the beginning of November, the director of the SPVQ reiterated the crying needs of the police force.

Without saying that I lack resources, I see this coming. It’s going to take resources,” Denis Turcotte said in an interview with Radio-Canada.

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The director of the Quebec police, Denis Turcotte, is in an interview with the host of “Téléjournal” Bruno Savard .

The police chief also explained that there was an increase in the circulation of firearms in Quebec. Tensions between criminal groups for control of the drug market are believed to be behind the increased presence of weapons and certain murders that have occurred this year. The murder of ex-biker Michel “Doune” Guérin earlier this week contributed to increasing this tension. Quebec declined our requests for an interview with its director on Thursday.

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