Bolsonaro distanced himself from the attempted coup in Brazil and described the violence of his followers as incredible

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From Miami, the former president broke his silence on the subject, after the Supreme Court of his country authorized an investigation against him for alleged incitement to crime

Bolsonaro distanced himself from the attempted coup in Brazil and described the violence of his followers as incredible

Bolsonaro broke the silence on the attempted coup in Brazil. (AP Photo/Eraldo Peres)

The former president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, assured this Monday, after breaking his silence, that the assault by his supporters on the democratic institutions was “incredible”.

Bolsonaro, who spoke this Monday with several supporters who were in front of his accommodation in Florida (United States), in turn indicated that he regretted the episode of vandalism that occurred in Brasilia.

“I am sorry for what happened on January 8th, an incredible thing,” declared the former president, according to the Metropolis portal.

“In my government, people learned what politics is, got to know the powers that be, began to value freedom,” added the former president of the country.

Bolsonaro distanced himself from the attempted coup in Brazil and described the violence of his followers as incredible

Bolsonaro described as incredible the violence with which his followers acted in Brasilia. (Miguel Schincariol/AFP)

In addition, Bolsonaro acknowledged “some slips” during his term, which ended on December 31: “In four years, every day was Monday. Does it have holes? Of course yes. We make some mistakes, so we also make them in the government.”

In this way, the former Brazilian leader distanced himself from the coup attacks, contrasting with the speeches of his followers, as reported by the newspaper 'Folha de Sao Paulo'.

These statements came days after Supreme Court Judge Alexandre de Moraes authorized an investigation into Bolsonaro for alleged incitement to crime, following a request from the Prosecutor's Office.

The Public Ministry considers that Bolsonaro has incited crime by posting a video on his social networks questioning the result of the elections after the assault.

The moment of the invasion of the Brazilian Congress

De Moraes noted thatthe former president repeatedly engages in conducts investigated in other investigations. In addition, the magistrate requested the arrest of the former Minister of Justice and National Security, Anderson Torres, as part of the investigations into the attempted coup.

Arrest in Brasília

Torres arrived on a Gol flight from Miami, which landed at Brasilia International Airport at 7:17 a.m., as confirmed by O Globo.

Torres took office as Secretary of Public Security of Brasilia on January 2 and five days later he went on vacation to the United States, so he he was in the country at the time the attacks on democracy took place.

Torres arrived on Saturday on a Gol flight from Miami

Upon learning of the magistrate's decision, the former minister announced that he would return to the country to place himself in the hands of Justice and prove his innocence, alleging that there was a contingency plan in case violent acts occurred in the Bolsonarista marches.

“I believe in Brazilian justice and in the strength of the institutions. I am sure that the truth will prevail,” he said in a message posted on social networks.

In addition to the arrest warrant, the Justice issued a search at Torres's residence, where the Police found the draft of a presidential decree to intervene in the Superior Electoral Court and “correct” the result of the presidential elections, which Bolsonaro lost to Lula by a difference of 1.8 percentage points. The draft decree, never approved, provided for the declaration of the state of defense (a state of exception) to intervene the Superior Electoral Tribunal and carry out a “correction of the presidential electoral process”, according to the first article of the document, leaked by the Folha de São Paulo newspaper.

Bolsonaro's former minister alleged that “the aforementioned document was seized” when he was not at home “and leaked out of context, helping to feed false narratives” against him.

(With information from Europa Press)

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