Bojack Horseman : Alison Brie excuse of having played Diane, a heroin non-white

Bojack Horseman : Alison Brie s'excuse d'avoir incarné Diane, une héroïne non-blanche

Bojack Horseman : Alison Brie excuse of having played Diane, a heroin non-white

Following the emergence of the movement Black Lives Matter, many voices are raised to criticize the choice to hire white actors to make characters of color in the animated series. To this end, Alison Brie apologized for her role of Diane in Bojack Horseman (Netflix), while the producers of the Simpsons (Fox) took a big decision.

A few days ago, Jenny Slate and Kristen Bell announced that they were going to stop to lend their voices to heroines of black in the animated series Big Mouth and Central Park in order to allow actors of color to bring greater legitimacy to these characters. Today, it is the turn of Alison Brie to apologize for his role in Bojack Horseman, which has recently come to an end.

The regrets of Alison Brie

For those who were in fact never made the connection, it is the former star of Community and Mad Men who slipped into the skin of Diane, the friend, the famous actor, depressed and toxic. However, where the actress is white, the character was actually vietnamese origins. A casting which had surprised a few people at the time of the launch of the comedy on Netflix, and which thus comes to react Alison Brie.

I would have liked not to have made the voice of Diane Nguyen” she declared on Instagram, “I understand now that people of color should always embody the characters of color. We have missed a beautiful opportunity to represent the community-americano-vietnamese in a way that is more just and respectful, and for that I apologize“.

The change in the world of dubbing

Subsequently, the actress welcomed the changes to come in the world of animation, “I applaud all those people who have decided to leave their place these last few days. I learned a lot thanks to them“. A small reference to Jenny Slate and Kristen Bell, but not only.

This weekend, Mike Henry has also decided to no longer play the famous character of Cleveland in Family Guy, while the creators of the Simpsons have said, “Now, The Simpsons is no more cast white actors for characters who are not white“. In fact, Hank Azaria there will be more Apu, and Harry Shearer will not be the Dr. Hibbert.

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