Bogotá Metro: Government is reviewing if there are resources, says Minister of Transport

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Guillermo Reyes stated that the works will not be suspended for any reason, but the available money is being evaluated given the current crisis and winter season

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Bogotá Metro: Government is checking if there are resources, says Minister of Transport

Minister of Transport, Guillermo Reyes, and first car of the Bogotá Metro

The Minister of Transport of Colombia, Guillermo Reyes, stated at a press conference this Friday, November 4, that the Government is reviewing the national economy in the short and medium term, with a view to financing the first lines of the Metro de Bogota. However, he stressed that there are no plans to suspend the works for any reason.

Reyes gave these statements at the control center of the National Institute of Roads (Invías), a place where he also touched on the issues of the Exodus plan for this month and the strategies to combat evasion of payment of compulsory traffic accident insurance (SOAT). ). When asked about the Metro, he referred to two issues: the possible inclusion of an underground section and the forms of financing the work.

On the first point, an underground part of the Metro, the minister commented that President Gustavo Petro has established talks with the Chinese consortium to try to materialize the idea that he has had for years, without modifying the contract that already exists. “Simply and simply, that an evaluation be made of the possibility that part of the route of line 1 of the metro, the one that has to do with Caracas, due to the environmental, urban impact, the same difficulty in affecting the mobility over Caracas, the possibility would be reviewed, if doing it was viable and what would be the costs of doing it, ”Reyes commented.

“But never from the President of the Republic has there been an imposition. Plain and simple, as the financier of 70% of the Metro, he has requested the Chinese contractor and told him about the issue of the mayor, who said that as long as the Mayor's Office did not have to carry out a fiscal and budget exercise, it would be welcome if it could be done. We are not changing the rules, we are not ignoring contracts. Plain and simple, it is a respectful request that the president has made,” Reyes pointed out.

Regarding the financing of the Metro, the minister assured that Petro ordered a study of the current state of the resources allocated to the Metro. “The President of the Republic has asked the Director of National Planning, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Transportation that, given the country's macroeconomic situation, the medium-term fiscal framework and the crisis in mass transportation systems, It is essential to carry out a study, a review of the state of resources, of how the financing of each of these schemes is found, including what would be line 2 of the Metro”, he mentioned.

Additional information was given hours later by the mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, after her meeting with Reyes. She stated that the nation has agreed to contract a debt with multilateral banks to build the second line of the Metro. “The co-financing agreement is in force, the president has told us that he is committed to moving it forward and has given instructions for us to move forward with this process,” said the president about this project, which would benefit two and a half million people who live in the towns of Engativá and Suba, in the west of the city.