Boeing unveils space shuttle “weapons of mass destruction” bay for the first time

Boeing unveils space shuttle “weapons of mass destruction” bay for the first time

Aerospace company Boeing first showed the “weapons of mass destruction” compartment of a compact shuttle. The footage shows the interior of the X-37B space shuttle, designed to destroy satellites.

Boeing unveils space shuttle

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The reusable spacecraft X-37V was originally designed to repair near-earth satellites at altitudes up to 700 km. Along with this, this program was classified in 2004, after which the Pentagon's Agency for Advanced Defense Developments began to oversee it. The budget for this project is also classified. A video of the shuttle's secret compartment is posted on Twitter. Presumably, the US Air Force has two different variants of the compact shuttle. The head of the Roscosmos corporation Dmitry Rogozin in October 2018 linked the development of a reusable spacecraft with weapons of mass destruction. Such developments should not be allowed to be carried out for space, the top manager of the company noted then.

In the Soviet Union, similar developments were carried out since 1966. The Spiral project (MiG-105-11AI) was a manned orbital aircraft launched using air launch technology. The device was launched into space by a hypersonic carrier, then the rocket stage was turned on. This program was the start of similar projects in the United States, including the Dream Chaser spacecraft and the X-37B compact reusable shuttle.

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