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The Boeing 787 Dreamliner flying to New Zealand suddenly lost altitude on Tuesday, injuring many passengers.

Agence France-Presse

The aircraft manufacturer Boeing has reminded airlines operating 787 Dreamliners as a “precaution” to inspect certain buttons in cockpits, after an in-flight incident in New Zealand left many injured.

The investigation into flight LA800 is still ongoing and we leave it to the investigating authorities to discuss possible discoveries, Boeing said on Friday.

We have taken a precautionary step by reminding 787 operators of a 2017 service bulletin, which included instructions regarding the ;inspection and maintenance of buttons on cockpit seats.

A quote from Boeing

The company adds that it recommends operators conduct an inspection at the next maintenance opportunity.

It is common for Boeing to issue advice and recommendations regarding its aircraft fleets. But, this time, it comes in a very specific context.

The plane of the Chilean company Latam, which was flying from Sydney in Australia to Auckland in New Zealand on Monday, suddenly lost altitude above the Tasman Sea.

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The company cited a technical incident, which propelled those whose seat belts were unfastened to the ceiling. Around 50 people required treatment, 13 of whom were taken to hospital.

The Wall Street Journal, referring to American sources in the airline sector, indicated on Friday that the incident was caused by clumsiness on the part of the flight crew.

A cabin crew member touched a button on the pilot's seat while serving a meal, activating a motorized device that threw the pilot against the controls and caused the plane's nose to pitch down.

A quote from The Wall Street Journal

The button in question, he adds, is normally covered [with protection] and is not intended to be used while the pilot is in the seat.

Contacted in Chile by AFP, the Latam company refused to comment because an investigation is underway. From the beginning, we have worked with the authorities to clarify this matter.

Boeing also refused to comment on these press information.

For its part, the American Aviation Agency clarified that its Aviation Review Board #x27;corrective actions, composed of safety experts, would study the message sent by Boeing to the companies after the incident on Latam Flight 800.

This procedure consists of reviewing the service bulletin linked to the buttons on the pilots' seats, added the regulator, specifying that the message would be broadcast after advice from the Corrective Action Review Board and that it would continue to monitor the situation closely.

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