Bodyguards of Pedro Castillo had links with Juan Silva

Bodyguards of Pedro Castillo had links with Juan Silva

Suspicions ● Non-commissioned officer Tarrillo met with the former minister while he was a member of the Oversight Commission ● Irigoin Police visited the former head of the MTC, and his daughter won contracts in that portfolio for S/88 thousand.

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Pedro Castillo's escorts had links with Juan Silva

Petty Officer Aladino Irigoin, Pedro Castillo's chief of security. Her daughter benefited from a contract after her visit to Silva's office.

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The names of at least three police officers guarding the president Pedro CastilloSince the beginning of his administration, they have been on a list of suspects of having facilitated the escape of former minister Juan Silva, who has been a fugitive for three weeks, according to confidential information from the institution. to which El Comercio had access.

Castillo and Silva are being investigated for their alleged participation in the Puente Tarata Case.

These are PNP non-commissioned officers Jorge Tarrillo Gálvez, Aladino Irigoin Chávez and Jover Gallardo Torres, who, due to the closeness they had with Silva before he went into hiding, were included in the work plan of one of the special groups of the National Police dedicated to the search for the former head of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC).

Like the former minister, the three policemen were born in the district of Anguía, province of Chota, Cajamarca. In that town, Silva and Castillo studied primary and secondary school, they were even classmates.

In July 2021, when this government began, non-commissioned officers were summoned to work in the security area of ​​the Government Palace Military House.

In addition to this connection, members of the president's bodyguard appear on the payroll under suspicion, allegedly linked to MTC contracts during Silva's administration.

—Family contracts—

One ​​of them is the case of PNP senior non-commissioned officer Aladino Irigoin Chávez, responsible for security of the president. Aladino Irigoin has accompanied Castillo on his trips abroad.

The aforementioned custodian resides in an association of land owners in Puente Piedra, in northern Lima, near Juan Silva's house, according to the police investigation.

Through the investigations it is known that the daughter of that presidential escort, Wendy Irigoin Peralta, maintains contact with the Silva family and that even his last economic income comes from the MTC.

On October 4, Wendy Irigoin entered Minister Silva's office, where she was received at 10:43 a.m. by Anatoly Bedriñana, then ministerial adviser. But she did not enter alone, but with Flor Gómez Olano, sister-in-law of President Pedro Castillo, who was appointed director of the MTC Human Talent Management Office last February.

The young woman left at 1:12 p.m. and Flor Gómez, at 2:05 p.m.

Pedro Castillo's escorts had links with Juan Silva

Official record of visits to the MTC

Pedro Castillo's escorts had links with Juan Silva

Official record of visits to the MTC

On October 7, three days after Wendy Irigoin's meeting, the same noncommissioned officer Aladino Irigoin visited Silva's office between the 1:35 p.m. and 3:45 p.m. for a business meeting. Advisor Bedriñana authorized his admission.

< p>Pedro Castillo's escorts had links with Juan Silva

Official record of visits to the MTC

After these meetings, the MTC proposed contracting services on protocol and computer processes that ended up favoring the daughter of the Chotano police officer.

On October 17, Wendy Irigoin was hired by the ministerial entity to manage the protocol agenda and participate in administrative support. The amount of the order was S/17,000.

On December 14, the MTC rehired Wendy Irigoin for “reception assignment and computer processes”, this time for S/4,250.

The following month, in January of this year, the president's bodyguard's daughter obtained another service order with the same concept as the first contract. On this occasion, the sum was S/20,000.

On February 3, the young woman was hired for S/10,000. At the end of that month, Juan Silva resigned from his position as minister due to the questions against him.

In March, despite the fact that the OSCE issued an alert about a possible impediment to contracting with the State by Wendy Irigoin (due to the status of civil servants of her father, her sister and her husband), she obtained another contract at the MTC for S/20,000, as a “computer services specialist”.

—From Palace to Congress—

In the aforementioned reserved list of the police team that seeks to arrest Juan Silva, the senior non-commissioned officer Jorge Tarrillo Gálvez, 51, an escort with several years of experience in security of dignitaries, also appears. Tarrillo worked as a guard for President Castillo from August to December 2021.

Since last January, the non-commissioned officer was reassigned to escort Pasión Dávila Atanacio, legislator of Peru Libre and member of the Control Commission of Congress.

His change coincides with the beginning of the investigations of the aforementioned working group on the secret visits of the president to the house on the Sarratea passage and the alleged irregularities in the million-dollar award of the Tarata bridge.

Precisely during this period, on February 8, Congressman Dávila's bodyguard went to Minister Silva's office for an hour. The reason for the visit was recorded as “work meeting”.

A day later, on February 9, during the interrogations of Fray Vásquez Castillo, nephew of the president, and the owner of the house in Sarratea, Segundo Sánchez, Non-commissioned officer Tarrillo was observed by the Control Commission in constant telephone communication. This situation was questioned by the president of the parliamentary working group, Héctor Ventura.

El Comercio asked Pasión Dávila if he knew that his escort was visiting Minister Silva in February and the relationship he had with the now fugitive. “I don't know about that,” she replied tersely. However, she later stated that Tarrillo did accompany him to the MTC to a meeting with Silva on a date that she could not specify, but indicated that the agent did not participate in the meeting.

Likewise, the police suspect a possible link between Tarrillo and Silva due to an audio of the investigated businessman Zamir Villaverde reached the prosecutor's office in which the delivery of S/100,000 to the former minister would be recorded. In the recording, on November 4, Silva told Villaverde to call “Tarrillo” and suggested that he not distrust him, because “he's a chotano.”

Pedro Castillo's escorts had links with Juan Silva

The surname Tarrillo was mentioned by Silva and Zamir Villaverde in a surreptitiously recorded audio on November 4, 2021.

About subordinate Jover Gallardo, the police group in charge of locating Silva is still processing possible indications of his connection with the fugitive, in addition to being fellow countrymen and forming part of Castillo's circle of trust. The information is kept confidential.


  • On June 9, an informant contacted the Police Rewards Unit to indicate that Juan Silva was in a house located in Carabayllo, owned by Carmen Alcalá Pimentel.
  • The police raided another house on the night of Sunday the 12th.
  • On Monday the 13th, the police team intervened the house after the informant called again to specify the address, but Silva was not found.

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