Boca won this Sunday's match at La Bombonera. 

Boca won this Sunday's match at La Bombonera. 

Boca Juniors defeated their arch-rival River Plate by 1-0 and won the Superclásico del Argentine soccer, played on Sunday afternoon at the La Bombonera stadium, a result that allows the 'xeneizes' to get fully involved in the fight for the title of the 2022 Professional League of the first division.

Boca Juniors he wins the duel against River and keeps the superclassic Cuadrado, expelled in a controversial Juventus match

Darío Benedetto (64) headed the only goal of the afternoon for the auriazul victory in a packed Bombonera with more than 50,000 spectators, in an intense and rough duel that Boca ended with ten players due to the expulsion of defender Marcos Rojo (90+ 6).


Boca won in this Sunday's match at La Bombonera. 

Three Colombians were present at the superclásico: Frank Fabra in Boca, and Juan Fernando Quintero and Miguel Borja, in River.

Fabra was the best qualified by the specialized press of Argentina, the newspaper Olé gave him 6.5 points. TyC Sports gave him 6.

“He looked for Ramírez to go on the attack, but he cost him a lot in the PT”, said Olé.

Quintero and Borja lived another reality, who were cut down by the gaucho media. Juan Fernando Quintero hardly had a 3 in the note of the newspaper Olé.

“He had a little interference in the setup. He felt an annoyance and Gallardo took him out at the beginning of the complement to put Barco in. He lacked more rhythm and continuity in the game. River needs much more of his creativity Ole said.

For its part, TyC SPorts rated Quintero with 4.

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The same newspaper Olé put Borja 4 in the note. “On the pitch for Solari at the beginning of the second half. He didn't have clear scoring situations. He held the ball longer with his back than he received in front of the goal.”

Borja received a 3 in the writing of TyC Sports.

In social networks, fans were very critical of Borja's performance, who started as a substitute.

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