Bobby Charlton: Who is the English legend?

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Bobby Charlton: who is the english legend?

CHARLTON. From fright to glory, the course of Bobby Charlton is of those which one finds only in the novels and the tales. That of a miracle who inspired a generation to revive Manchester United and a racy striker who was the mainstay of England’s only World Cup victory.

Who is Bobby Charlton?

Son of Newcastle legend Jackie Miller, it was further south that Bobby Charlton wrote his own in the city. worker from Manchester, within the United club. A legend that owes a lot to fate. After making his professional debut shortly before his 19th birthday, the young striker found his place in the squad. Matt Busby. Author of a double to Belgrade, he participated in the qualification of the Busby Babes in the semi-finals of the European Cup in 1958. fate struck. The plane bringing the troop back missed its takeoff in atrocious weather conditions and crashed at the end of the runway. Charlton escaped, like Busby, but eight of his teammates died instantly. From then on, Charlton embodied the soul of United and pledged his loyalty to it. unmatched. For 17 years, he wore the colors of the Red Devils, playing 758 matches and scoring 249 goals. An elegant striker, he did wonders to guide the young Mancunian guard and was an essential link in the conquest of the European title in 1968, scoring two of United's four goals in the final against Benfica (4 -1 a.p.). His trio with the formidable Denis Law and the brilliant George Best still haunts British and European defenders who had the privilege and anguish of meeting him.
Leader in club, he was also in selection. In 1966, it was as a playmaker that he helped England triumph. to world Cup. In the semi-final, he roared, scored his own two goals and opened up to; his country the gates of the final which he will win against Germany (4-2 a.p.). The only international title to be awarded; this day of England. That same year, the elegant lion was designated best player of the year and Ballon d'Or. His career ended in 1973 and if he left Old Trafford to live various experiences, he returned there in 1984 never to leave again, becoming administrator of the club. In 1994, Queen Elizabeth II crowned his immense contribution to sport and to life. the company British by ennobling him.

What is Bobby Charlton Academy?

Considered as one of the greatest players in English football history, Bobby Charlton got involved; to pass on what he had been taught. So in 1978      his return from the World Cup in Argentina, he founded in; Manchester, the city of his heart, the Bobby Charlton Academy. A football school aimed at provide quality football education; to everyone and not just club players. In more than four decades, more than a million children have passed through the grounds of the Academy, including the most famous David Beckham, who came to participate in the a summer camp. The institution now organizes football camps all over the country. around the world.