Bob the chef and Leon

Bob the chef and Leon

Bob the chef lives in a shared apartment with three friends and three cats, including Léon, a 15-year-old tabby male cat, who became his when he arrived.

1. What is your reason for having this cat in your home?

In fact, it was Leon who adopted me. He was there before me when I moved in with three friends who already lived together in a shared apartment with three cats, including Leon. As soon as I arrived, Leon literally changed his lifestyle and got closer to me: he followed me everywhere, observed me, etc. Over the years, he has become my faithful companion. I am very attached to it. I have had a lot of cats in my life, but Leon is really special. In fact, it’s my most serious relationship in the past five years! (Laughs)

2. Why did you choose this name?

He was already called Léon, in reference to a song by Plume, Leon the chameleon.

3. Why are you more of a “cat” or “dog”?

I’ve always been a cat guy. I find them intelligent, independent. I’ve always dreamed of having a dog, but it’s not optimal when you’re a cook or all the time on the road like me.

4. How to describe your animal’s personality in a few sentences?

He acts like a little human: he talks a lot. You know if he wants to go outside; you know if he wants to eat, etc. He is also very social. He always comes to find a place at the table when we have dinner together and he listens attentively, without stopping, to the person speaking.

5. Tell us a funny, unusual or special fact about your animal.

In the summer, Leon usually goes through the back balcony, then walks along the window borders to come to my room. One night, my son came to join me in the bedroom (he had had a nightmare) and he saw Leon scratching at the window. He opened the door to let him in, but Leon had a mouse in his mouth. My son said “Ouach! Leon let go of the mouse in the apartment, looked at us simply and went outside again … He left us with his bundle of problems. At 3 a.m., everyone was looking for the mouse in the apartment …

6. Tell us about one of his bad shots.

Leon loves sweets. He has a penchant for cakes, muffins and especially donuts. He loves donuts. Especially those with powdered sugar on top. We have to put them under a cake pan otherwise, he takes bites!

7. What is her favorite activity?

Take a walk outside. Leon is the king of the court. He’s also a huge Netflix fan! He’s really watching the TV screen with me. His favorite series is breaking Bad

8. Like master, like cat?

He is very relaxed. He likes to enjoy life. He’s a good man. He likes good food, but not wine, however!

9. Who takes care of your pet when you go on vacation?

My roommates take care of it. When I’m not there, Leon spends all his time in my room. He keeps watch there.

10. How can your animal be a source of inspiration for you?

As I am a cook, I hope not! (Laughs)

11. During confinement, what did your animal bring you in particular?

We were already very lucky to be roommates during confinement, but with animals, that changes everything! We spend so much time with them.

About Bob the Chef

  • Well-known cook and cookbook author; he is co-host of the TV show Don’t panic, we’re cooking on the airwaves of Ami-Télé
  • This fall, we saw him a few times on the TV show 5 chefs in my kitchen
  • He marketed Boute-en-train wines, a range of wines available in grocery and convenience stores.
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