BMW recyclable fishing nets and ropes to improve cars

BMW recyclable fishing nets and ropes to improve cars

Until 2030, new cars of the Bavarian brand will be 40% made up of recycled materials.

BMW recyclable fishing nets and ropes to refurbish cars

BMW Group has shared plans to expand the stock of materials from “recycling” in the production of vehicles. According to the official press release of the company, in 2025 BMW will have more models of a new class, in addition plastics will be used, which is approximately 30% made up of recycled fishing nets and ropes. Sirovina for them is actively purchased from ports all over the world.

Exclusive The technology allows you to select the inputs of the maritime industry for the preparation of details for the improvement of exteriors and interiors of cars. Zokrema processed into nylon to form the basis of synthetic yarn ECONYL. Also, ribal nets serve as a syrovina for it, old coverings for underlay and plastic manufacturing. For example, ECONYL tarpaulins are covered with underlays in BMW iX and BMW X1 cars.

BMW Recyclable Fishing Nets and Cables to Refine Cars

According to the company's data, recycled components can produce 25% less carbon dioxide, lower analogues, made from plastics, vibrated in the traditional way. Transition to “oceanic” plastics allow to reduce the demand for primary plastics based on oil and allow to save the ocean from pollution. Looking forward to 2030, the BMW Group can reduce some of the recycled materials in thermoplastics, which are found in new cars, from the latest by about 20% to 40%.

Zokrema, the 2025 BMW roci should be more refinishing for visible car parts. Їх vigovlyatimut іz “oceanic” plastic granules by the casting method under a vise. The foam for these auto parts can be approximately 30% folded from marine plastic inputs.

 BMW recyclable fishing nets and ropes to improve cars

The technology for the production of pellets from recycled plastic was developed by the Danish company PLASTIX. Dosi such plastic vikoristovuvavsya in the automotive industry is less than the appearance of fibers.

As previously told Autogeek, BMW has tested the charged M-model іz chotirma with electric motors.