BMW painted your logo in the colors of the LGBT

The famous company BMW from Germany changed the photo official profile on the social network Twitter. Its representatives added to the emblem of the flag of the LGBT community.

BMW разукрасила свою эмблему в цвета ЛГБТ

Employees are known to the entire planet automotive manufacturer from Bavaria BMW unveiled a new post, in which he stated the existing diversity in German companies, where they believe in an open culture where no-one will be disadvantaged, no privilege or prejudice because of skin color, ethnicity, gender, nationality, disability and religion. Firm from Germany asks its users to be respectful to each other in real life and the Internet.

Such a creative offensive has provoked criticism under the appropriate publication of the iconic brand in the social network. Made fun post and Russian bloggers, who pointed to the so-called “specific boys”, which in the new history of Russia is more associated with race travel in company cars.

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