BMW changed the logo of the brand with a conservative on the rainbow

The carmaker took the decision to change the logo for social networks in honor of the Month of the rights of gays and lesbians

Evgeniy Opanasenko

BMW сменила логотип бренда с консервативного на радужный

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Bavarian carmaker BMW not long ago changed its logo to a more flat and now the famous badge has been re-rebranding under the LGBT rainbow with bright colors instead of the dull and conservative. The logo was not changed for cars, and for social networking. Thus, the automaker has made it clear that there is no place of hatred in the company of equally well applies to all people, regardless of ethnic origin, colour, nationality, sexual orientation.

“At BMW, we live in diversity. We believe in transparent culture where nobody should be at a disadvantage to have a preference, or being abused because of ethnic origin, colour, nationality, disability, religion, gender or age,” commented the company’s management.

Such a decision the company made in honor of the Month of the rights of gays and lesbians (Gay and Lesbian Pride Month), which is celebrated annually in the United States in June. A memorable date was chosen in connection with the clashes between the representatives of sexual minorities and police in new York in 1969.

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We will remind that earlier promised Android control car BMW c 2020. Also the Bavarian concern declared, that BMW goes to mass production of electric vehicles.

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