Blue Origin space rocket wobbled after launch

Blue Origin space rocket wobbled after launch

Blue Origin's space rocket vibrated after launch

Photo: Capsule video still rockets after the vibration of their nose

The emergency launcher system threw off the crew capsule from the launch rocket at a height of close to nine kilometers. after the launch, it wobbled, and then the unmanned capsule was successfully parachuted to the bottom of the desert, write The Guardian.

It is significant that the inadequacy of the New Shepard launch vehicle, similar to the one that Blue Origin vikoristala that rock for the relocation of three crews of up to six crews in the suborbital field, became for a while and a couple of seconds after launch and just at that moment, if the rocket reached its target .

An emergency booster system was deployed, which threw off the capsule to the crew from the launch vehicle at an altitude of about nine kilometers. It is reported that the launch vehicle is down.

“Looks like we stumbled upon an anomaly during the last hour – everything was unplanned, and we still don’t have any details, but our capsule with the crew could successfully enter”, – said Erica Wagner, senior director of space markets at Blue Origin, which is being developed under the hour of the live broadcast of the launch on the website of the space company.

Later, the company added that it was a mission with no astronauts on board, and the capsule evacuation system worked as intended.

Experts suspect that the cause of the failure was the driving installation.

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