Bloomberg learned about the record number of bankruptcies in Sweden

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Bloomberg reports record bankruptcies in Sweden

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In Sweden the number of companies filing for bankruptcy soared in 47% in                   ;last 10 years. Bloomberg writes about it.

According to Creditsafe, three of the large large companies that went bankrupt in January were from the construction industry. The reason lies in the crisis in the housing market.

Declining demand for real estate has led to the fact that its average price has fallen by 16% compared to the peak values ​​of the first quarter of last year.


UCLA economist Joanna Blome said retail and hotel businesses went bankrupt in the fall, and now the trend is for industries and investments.

The crisis is expected to lead to &nbsp ;decrease in the pace of construction and hit the employment in the area where more than 350 thousand people work. people.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga 

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