Bloomberg: Deliveries of Russian oil from Europe hit a record high

Bloomberg: Deliveries of Russian oil from Europe hit a record high

Russia increased the supply of oil from Europe to a new maximum – from April 2022. Russia's revenues from oil also reached the maximum for a few months: at the same time, Moscow takes about $ 183 million in export mit for naphtha for this day, for this day the figure has increased by 26%.

Bloomberg: Russian oil deliveries to Europe hit record high

< p>Dzherelo. About the monitoring of the Bloomberg agency, which tankers are transported from Russian ports, write The Insider.

The total volume of oil supplies from Russia until April 19 reached 3.41 million barrels for production against 3.24 million earlier. All the increase in deliveries fell on the European lands, the deliveries increased to the powers of the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, and also to Pivnichnaya Europe. The agency designates that the country, independently, increases the supply and purchases in reserve ahead of the naphtha embargo, as in the EU as early as June 2022. Markets – go about Sri Lanka, Egypt and see Afghanistan. However, the supply of Russian oil to Asia began to fall on what basis: for last year's bags, Russia brought 1.71 million barrels of oil to Asia, which is significantly lower, lower than 2.1 million barrels for production from oil and grass.

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Oil deliveries from Bulgaria and Romania reached the maximum: 260,000 barrels of oil production reached their peak. In the middle of the country of Pivnichnoy Europe, the agency saw an increase in deliveries to the Netherlands and Poland (other parts of the region were forced to purchase Russian oil from black oil). More close to 860,000 barrels of oil production falls on Turkey and Italy.

Crimea increased the supply of Russian oil to the EU, European companies helped record the increase in the supply of Russian oil to the third. Greek companies have become the leaders in the transportation of Russian oil.

Since the Russian oil is transported by the oil embargo, all tankers delivered by the Russian paliva to the countries of the European Union will be blocked. The vineyards were transferred only for the Czech Republic, the Ukrainian region and the Slovak region, as if they were taking Russian naphtha from the Druzhba pipeline.