Bloomberg calculated how many and what kind of weapons Ukraine received from the allies

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Bloomberg calculated how many and what weapons Ukraine received from the allies

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Western countries have provided Ukraine with more than 4,000 armaments to repel Russian aggression, Bloomberg has calculated. This figure includes armored vehicles, artillery and military aircraft.

Since the beginning of a full-scale war, Ukraine has received from the allies:

  • 410 tanks (from Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia);
  • 300 infantry fighting vehicles;
  • 1,100 armored personnel carriers and several hundred other vehicles, including armored treatment centers;
  • nearly 925 mine-resistant vehicles;
  • more than 1,540 mobile infantry vehicles ;
  • 300 towed howitzers (most from the USA);
  • 95 rocket launchers, 38 American HIMARS missile systems and more than 40 rocket launchers x multiple rocket launchers from Poland and the Czech Republic.

Last week, the UK announced it would donate 14 Challenger2 tanks to Ukraine, and Poland is donating a company (14) of German Leopard tanks. < /p>

Earlier, BAGNET reported that, according to CNN sources, Ukraine has become a “laboratory” for for Western weapons.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga 

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