“Bloody” mushrooms in the suburbs found an explanation

“Bloody” mushrooms in the suburbs found an explanation

Residents of the Moscow region were told about mushrooms with “bloody tears” that have become common in the forests of the capital region. As representatives of the Moscow Region Komleskhoz explained, this is a tinder fungus.

Image via: pxhere.com
According to experts, after a period of moisture deficiency, the tinder fungus begins to consume a large amount of water, as a result of which an excess of moisture is formed in the mushroom itself, which leads to a sharp increase in pressure throughout its body. As a result, natural “pumps” of the fungus pump so much water into it that the internal pressure can reach 5-7 atmospheres.

To maintain a balance, the mushroom is forced to dump the excess, which settles along the edges of its caps in the form of drops. This process is called guttation. As for the red color of the drops, they turn into it because of the pigment contained in the mushrooms themselves.

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