Blockade on the road to the port of Buenaventura will generate a sharp increase in food prices

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The situation not only affects foreign trade, but will also impact inflation in Colombia, according to the president of Analdex, Javier Díaz Molina

Blockade on the road to the port of Buenaventura will generate a strong increase in food prices

The blockade of the road to the port of Buenaventura has been going on for several days. PHOTO: @maslibertadco

A strong alert launched the National Association of Foreign Trade (Analdex) due to the blockade that has been in place for several days on the road to the port of Buenaventura (Valle) by afro and indigenous communities who demand solutions from the national government in the face of the emergencies that affect them every time there is a winter wave.

From the union they made a call to the national governmentto solve the situation, which will have very worrying effects, not only for foreign trade, because a large part of the raw materials and supplies that the country requires enters there, but also because of the inflation that is it can generate many products.

According to the president of Analdex, Javier Díaz Molina, this situation has a very serious effect on the price of products , especially food.

“Afterwards, we cannot complain that inflation and the price of food are skyrocketing. If we don't allow the road to flow, the fact that trucks can arrive and leave the port will have a very negative effect on inflation, on the price of food, of all goods. We need to quickly solve this blockade of roads and allow the normality of motor vehicle traffic”, noted Díaz Molina.

The leader told Blu Radio that the losses and costs of this situation.

Through here, 50,000 tons of cargo are mobilized daily, both import and export of coffee or sugar that leave through there,” he said in dialogue with the outlet.

In this sense, he stressed that Buenaventura represents 40% of Colombia's trade, from imports of raw materials to exports of products, so a damming due to blockades could have a direct impact on rising prices from the family basket.

According to him, the increase could be for eggs, chicken meat, some grains and other basic products.

“We are going to repeat a lesson that should be learned. Imports of yellow corn, which is used to produce concentrates for chickens, eggs, pork, also beans, chickpeas, lentils, wheat; if it can't be moved, prices will be hit,” Díaz insisted.

Affectations to development

Meanwhile, the Colombian Federation of Highway Cargo Transporters (Colfecar) stated that due to the blockades, peasant activities, agribusiness, travel, tourism, health and the country's competitiveness cannot be developed, grown or maintained as State alternatives due to the length of time and route travel, the cost overruns and losses that this entails.

“There is an extremely negative impact on internal trade, which is an unprecedented blow to the import and export chain that passes through ports and borders, which makes products and passenger transport more expensive, taking longer than usual and systemically lead to the generation of inflation, unemployment, the loss in the purchasing power of households, the bankruptcy of businesses already installed and of enterprises and even deaths”, pointed out the union of transporters.

Regarding passenger transport, he stated that measures need to be taken to favor users who are affected by road closures.

“It is necessary to articulate the efforts to improve the roads with the immediate facilitation and on the ground of route changes to guarantee the connectivity that unites families at the end of the year holidays and sustains the internal tourism activity that promotes the regional economy of our country, without being subject to authorizations that are centralized in the Ministry of Transportation”, he noted.

Colfecar also pointed out that the serious winter problem affects not only rural areas and the main logistics corridors in the country represented in nearly 340 concession contracts or private contractors that work on the Ruta del Sol, the Pan-American highway, the roads that lead to and from Buenaventura and the interior of the country, the Sovereignty Route, the connection routes between the coast and the interior of the country.

“The problems are not only in the existing infrastructure, but more concerning Still, in the one that is supposedly finished and in the one that is currently being developed, roads that today are trails and that represent a road backlog compared to the other countries that are part of the OECD, close to 60 years ”, exposed the guild.