Blinken: we will continue to support the people of Ukraine

Blinken: we will continue to support the people of Ukraine

Blinken: we will continue support the people of Ukraine

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken   Blinken: We will continue to support the people of Ukraine

On World Humanitarian Day, the US Secretary of State congratulated the workers in this area, before commenting on the White House announcement of a new support package for Ukraine

On Friday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken made two statements at once. One was about the Biden administration's announcement of new military aid to Ukraine.

“As we approach the six-month mark of Russia's unprovoked, brutal, all-out war against Ukraine, President Putin's [military] forces continue to advance, inflicting heavy damage on [Ukraine's] civilian population and causing widespread destruction of [this country's] civilian infrastructure. President Biden has made it clear that we will continue to support the people of Ukraine in defending their country from Russian aggression for as long as it takes,” the head of the US State Department said in his first statement. Recall, the US Department of Defense will allocate additional weapons, ammunition and equipment to Ukraine for a total of $775 million.

This is the nineteenth package of US military assistance to Ukraine since the beginning of the work of the current White House administration, including which, the total US support in the field of Ukraine's security will amount to about $10.6 billion.

The Secretary of State noted that “the United The States, along with allies and partners in more than 50 countries, are providing vital assistance in…supporting Ukraine's defense of its sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

“The courage and resilience of the armed forces and people of Ukraine is extraordinary, and the United States will continue to provide additional systems and capabilities to Ukraine. These capabilities are carefully “calibrated” in order to change the situation on the battlefield as much as possible and strengthen Ukraine’s position at the negotiating table,” the head of the US foreign policy department added in his address.

humanitarian aid day, on which America usually honors humanitarian workers who donated their strength, health, and sometimes life, to “protect and help the most defenseless populations in the world.”

“The impact of humanitarian crises has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, climate crises, civil unrest and war. Humanitarian workers provided… access to health care and coped with the consequences of hunger, gender-based violence and mental health problems… Humanitarian workers are lifelines who offer hope, often in the most dangerous circumstances, and now the world needs them more , than ever. We pay tribute to the courage and compassion of those who put the good of others before their own,” the Secretary of State said in his second statement today, emphasizing the key role of the United States in this work.

“Just last year, thanks to the generosity of the American people, we have committed almost $13 billion for [affected people] protection services, food, housing, health care, education, safe drinking water and sanitation supplies for people in need,” Blinken said.

“ The United States is committed to resolving humanitarian crises through a coordinated international response. We call on other countries to do their part to meet global humanitarian needs. We call for immediate, safe and unhindered access for humanitarian organizations to vulnerable populations, including across lines of conflict, to enable them to deliver aid and services unhindered,” Anthony Blinken said in his World Humanitarian Day address.