Blade Runner 2099: the Amazon Prime series would have found its director at Game of Thrones

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After being officially announced last September, the Amazon Prime Video series Blade Runner 2099 has finally found its director on the side of Game of Thrones.

If we don't really know how the title Do androids dream of electric sheep? was transformed intoBlade Runner by Ridley Scott in 1982, however we know that this cult adaptation has widely popularized futuristic dystopias in the audiovisual landscape. Inevitably, the first film worn by Harrison Ford did not escape the syndrome of Hollywood “franchising”, and this is how the striking Blade Runner 2049 by Denis Villeneuve was born in 2017.

Philip K. Dick's universe is thereafter remained dormant, until last September, the giant Amazon announced the launch of a series entitled Blade Runner 2099. Of course, aficionados of the original film and its sequel began to tremble, fearing that the project might fall into the wrong hands. The latter, however, were able to sigh with relief when they learned that Ridley Scott would be the executive producer.

Difficult ???? to imagine Harrison Ford reprising his role, this time

Since then, the However, the highly anticipated series has left itself to be desired by its future audience, keeping the details of its production under seal. It would seem, however, that this one leads her boat quietly since she would have finally found her first director. According to information from Variety, Jeremy Podeswa was approached by the platform to direct the pilot of Blade Runner 2099.

If the name of the Canadian filmmaker is perhaps relatively unknown to the general public, we owe him several episodes of cult series such as Six Feet Under, The Tudors, or even Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones, which earned him several Emmy Award nominations (the Oscars of the American small screen). In fact, as much to say that Blade Runner 2099 looks very good for the moment.

< p class="center" style="caret-color: #000000; color: #000000; text-align: center;">Hoping the series respects the aesthetics of both films

As a reminder, the serial project is far from new. Ridley Scott has already entrusted to work on its development since November 2021. Since then, however, no other details relating to the plot, the cast, or a potential broadcast date on Prime Video have been communicated.

For As for Podeswa, the latter is not idle, since he is also collaborating under the aegis of Netflix for the upcoming adaptation of the science fiction novel The Three-Body Problem, as well as of the Apple TV+ platform for The New Look, worn by Juliette Binoche. To be continued, therefore.