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Black population of Vancouver Island surveyed to improve relationship with font

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More than 61,700 people are black in British Columbia, or just over 1.2% of the population, according to Statistics Canada.


Two Black-led and Black-serving organizations on Vancouver Island came together this Saturday. In particular, during this discussion open to the public, the relationship between black people and the police was discussed.

In April 2022, a special committee (New window) commissioned by the British Columbia government released a list of 11 recommendations aimed at reforming The Police Act. To arrive at these recommendations, more than 1,800 people and organizations were consulted.

The result: a police and public safety modernization initiative to fundamentally change police culture. It's also about addressing systemic racism in British Columbia, according to the Issamba Center and the African Art and Cultural Community Contributor Society (AACCCS).

The Issamba center and the AACCCS decided to set up a project to promote collaboration, amplify lived experiences and exploit community expertise presented in the form of dialogue sessions, like the one on Saturday, and #x27;an online questionnaire.

One of the participants in the discussion, Francis Peujio, founder of Anafram Consulting, is happy despite the few people present. We really had quite a few recommendations to help the black community and also other communities in British Columbia, he says.

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This questionnaire will help to improve the living conditions of Black people here, and why not throughout Canada.

A quote from Francis Peujio, founder of Anafram Consulting

Other people present highlighted the lack of education of the police force in relation to communities indigenous people, or even people of African descent.

One ​​of the participants recommended that anyone who works in law enforcement and wants to move up the ranks should receive equity training and diversity.

Another person felt that black people need to attend police board meetings, to actively participate to dialogue between police officers and citizens.

According to the 2021 census, British Columbia has 61,760 Black people, a little more of 1.2% of the population.

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