Black Panther 2: this Japanese animated film dethrones the Marvel film

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Black Panther Wakanda Forever, which you can read our review right here, is a real hit in theaters. The Marvel movie in homage to; Chadwick Boseman has received very good feedback from the press and the public, better than those of the last MCU feature films. In France alone, this sequel reached the astronomical score of 1.57 million admissions in 2018. just five days! It goes without saying that the superheroic recipe of the Maison des Idées has not said its last word… Nevertheless, an animated film Japanese dethroned him; ! We tell you everything.

Black Panther 2: this Japanese animated film dethrones the Marvel film< /p>

this Japanese animated film that dethroned Black Panther 2

In a few days, at the level worldwide, Black Panther 2 garnered the colossal sum of 331.665 million dollars… Almost as much as Black Adamin three weeks, with 351.573 million dollars accumulated at the box office! Marvel's supremacy over its direct competitor, DC Comics, is still well marked. However,there is a country where the African superhero got eaten alive: Japan, and an animated movie you probably haven't even heard of. Indeed, if Wakanda Forever is banned in China, it is not in the Land of the Rising Sun,where he was nevertheless outdone by Suzume.

Black Panther 2: this Japanese animated film dethrones the Marvel film

According to our colleagues from Film Franç ais, Suzume, the new feature film from the director of Your Name., gathered 1.3 million spectatorsand harvested $13.5 million in revenue in 3 days, compared to $3.5 million for Black Panther 2. The synopsis of this animated movie reads:

In a peaceful little town in Kyushu, a 17-year-old girl, Suzume, meets a man who says he is traveling to look for a door. Deciding to follow him into the mountains, she discovers a single dilapidated door enthroned in the middle of the ruins, the only vestige that has survived the passage of time. Yielding to an inexplicable impulse, Suzume turns the handle, and other doors then open to the four corners of Japan, letting in all the disasters they contain. The man is formal: any open door must be closed. Severe; where she lost her way are the stars, dusk and dawn, a celestial vault where all times merge. Guided by doors shrouded in mystery, Suzume begins a journey to close them all.

A poetic story that visibly touched the hearts of the Japanese (and soon ours?), rising to the rank of the9th best weekend of starts ever in Japan. We can't wait to discover it in our French cinemas!