Black Panther 2: the director remembers with emotion his last conversation with Chadwick Boseman

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Black Panther Wakanda Forever is due in theaters on November 9, 2022. À A few days after the film was released, director Ryan Coogler fondly recalls his last conversation with Chadwick Boseman strong>, the late interpreter of the hero T'Challa. 

Black Panther 2: the director fondly recalls his last conversation with Chadwick Boseman

Black Panther 2, a scenario reviewed after the death of Chadwick Boseman< /h2>

Our Black Panther is no more but all the other panthers still shine for him at home. Wakanda. On November 9, 2022, MCU fans will find Shuri, M'Bake, Okoye and the others mourning the loss of their King T'Challa. In real life, the interpreters of the heroes also mourn Chadwick Boseman, the interpreter of the main character, who died. in 2020 from colon cancer. 

If the scenario had to to be seen again, Ryan Coogler also left time for the cast members to recover from this tragic news before resuming shooting. The synopsis of Black Panther 2 will discussthe mourning of the main characters after the death of their king, while in parallel they will have to quickly recover from the hair of the beast to face the new enemies.

À a few days before Black Panther 2 hits theaters, Ryan Coogler can't help but think again about what to do next. Chadwick Boseman, who was set to reprise his role in this film he loved so much. In the recent episode of Marvel The Official Black Panther  , Ryan Coogler spoke; of his relationship with the late  actor Chadwick Boseman. The co-writer/director particularly remembers his last phone call with the star, in which he wanted to discuss the screenplay of  Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.He had proposed to the actor to read the script so that he could submit suggestions for improvement, but Chadwick Boseman refused; to do it under the pretext of not wanting to disturb the studios. Ryan Coogler later realized that he actually had refused for other reasons…

I had just finished it. During our last conversation, I called him. to ask him if he wanted to read it before I got any notes from the studio. That was the last time we spoke, and he passed away. maybe a few weeks after I finished. […] He was tired, mate. I could feel he was tired. I I had been trying to reach him for a few days. […] I could feel something was wrong. But he was joking and laughing, explaining to me that he was planning a wedding in South Carolina. He was telling me about the people he was going to invite. […] And then he said he didn't want to read it, because he didn't want to interfere with the studio in their work, so he s said 'It's better if I read it later.' But I found out later that he was too tired. to read anything.

Black Panther 2: the director fondly recalls his last conversation with Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Boseman knew he didn't have time to shoot Black Panther 2 anymore

In reality, Chadwick Boseman knew that 'he was ill and would not attend; the adventure of Black Panther 2. The actor had been fighting his cancer for more than five years, but only a very small circle of those around him knew about it. We can imagine that the interpreter of T'Challa had the same strength as his hero: he intended to win the battle. On his final call with Ryan Coogler, he didn't dare; tell him that his fight was certainly lost. Either it was too hard to admit it, or Chadwick Boseman still believed he could pull it off. This memory still painfully upsets the director of Black Panther Wakanda Forever, who remembers his friend always so cheerful, but exhausted; by disease. À his eyes, pay homage to the star within the film was the least of things after all it had brought; to each of the cast members. The Chadwick Boseman star will always continue to shine.