Black Panther 2: Namor attracts the wrath of Internet users, the producer reacts to criticism

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Black Panther Wakanda Forever is airing; in cinemas since November 9, 2022. If the sequel signed Ryan Coogler unfortunately has to do without its hero T'Challa, after the Besides its interpreter Chadwick Boseman in August 2020, it introduces a villain well known to comic book fans. Namor is embodied; to screen by Tenoch Huerta, but this version of the character displeases fans of the MCU. The producer of Black Panther 2decided to respond to the criticisms made to its subject.

Black Panther 2: Namor draws the wrath of Internet users, the producer reacts to criticism

New version of Namor disappoints Black Panther fans

Broadcast Since November 9, 2022 in dark rooms, Black Panther Wakanda Forever has been eagerly awaited by MCU fans. Many were curious as to how Ryan Coogler would revisit the script following the death of Chadwick Boseman in August 2020, the interpreter of the main hero nicknamed T'Challa. In this sequel, which gives pride of place to female heroes, the mourning of Queen Ramonda, Shuri or the Dora Milaje is quickly aborted. by the arrival of a new threat. The introduction of Namor, called é the prince of the seas, has been teased for many months by Marvel and the actors of Black Panther 2. 

However, the character created; in 1939 for the comics is very different from his version portrayed in the comics. Indeed, within Black Panther Wakanda Forever, Namor is no longer an Atlantean, son of a boat captain and an Atlantean princess but the descendant of a tribe Maya of the Yucatan Peninsula. After his mother, pregnant with him, absorbed the powers of a plant, it has modified; the genes of the child she was carrying.The latter has therefore become a man capable of breathing underwater, but also of living on dry land, with the particularity of to fly through the air thanks to the small wings that have grown on his ankles.

À Through the character of Namor, the director Ryan Coogler has therefore done honor to; Mexican culture, and more particularly to the Mayan civilization. Unfortunately, this revisited version of the antagonist did not please many. all spectators. Face Due to the many criticisms received about Namor, producer Nate Moor decided to to defend the showrunner's idea during his recent appearance on the podcast The Town with Matthew Belloni:

It's no secret that Ryan Coogler is a huge Namor fan. It has been for a very long time. And in the publications, the nations of Wakanda and Atlantis were often at odds. Namor and Black Panther don't really like each other. In the comics, Atlantis is very Greco-Roman in the way it's drawn, and Namor's story isn't as interesting as you'd like. Ryan likes it things are grounded in the real world, so even when he was building Wakanda, it wasn't the tech jungle of the comics, it was more of a real place based place. on African cultures and I think that the specificity of this world is that he was made to work. He wanted to do the same with Atlantis.

Black Panther 2: Namor draws the wrath of Internet users, the producer reacts to criticism

Why the screenwriter rewrote Namor's story

Ryan Coogler wanted Namor's story to be deeper than told in the comics. In the same way as with Wakanda, he wanted to give pride of place to; a new culture, because each one has its specificities and deserves to be explored:

We were talking about these cultures that it made sense to put forward, and he is a person who does a lot of research. So we were looking for and we wanted to tell the story of why they lived under water, what made them go there. go underwater? And Ryan is very interested. by the themes of colonization, as in the first film, and he found Mayan pottery with glyphs on it where people were blue. He thought; that was interesting, so he did his research on the history of the Maya people of the past; until our days. He thought; that ça would make a point of attachment which would give a specificity to Namor and the Talokans, a specificity who would make both makes sense narratively, and visually would be an amazing playground to explore. discuss.