Black Adam: 7 proofs that the film will change the DCEU forever

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Black Adam is the latest DCEU movie, released on October 19th. He carries on his shoulders the weight of a cinematographic universe in bad shape on the side of Warner and of a quest for renewal of their superheroic rooster. If the film is coldly received by the public and the critics despite good scores at the box office, it could nevertheless be a real breath of fresh air for DC Comics. Witness these 7 essential proofs that the film will change the DCEU in the future.

Black Adam: 7 proofs that the movie will change the DCEU forever

#1 Stronger characters than Superman?

Black Adam: 7 proofs that the movie will change the DCEU forever

For many people, Superman is the most powerful of DC characters, but also the most powerful character of any superhero. Few weaknesses, the ability to to fly, superhuman strength, laser eyes… Who can compete? Black Adam of course, but with his film comes other equally powerful characters, like Dr. Fate and even Shazam! whose power will end up being similar to that of Adam. that of Superman.

#2 less and less heroic heroes arrive

Black Adam: 7 proofs the movie will change the DCEU forever

Hawkman summarized; Black Adam in a nutshell. “Reasoning with him is a feat.” The character embodied; by The Rock is probably the most nuanced. never worn on the big screen by the DCEU, except characters from the highly successful The Suicide Squad. Some see him as a hero, others don't, he didn't want to be one but became the champion of the gods. Not to mention his will to massacre people en masse. After Birds of Prey and Suicide Squad, Black Adam brings with him a new wave of anti-heroes that we never will know what to appreciate in the future.

#3 We explore (finally) Shazam!

It's easy to think that Black Adam is just a spin-off of Shazam!. And you'll be right to think so. The child hero does not appear in the film but The Rock's powers come from the same source as his nemesis Billy Batson. Shazam ! 2 Rage of the Godsis the next film to be come (now that Batgirl has been cancelled) and the powers of the gods will be explored in more detail. The latter aren't as laid back as the MCU ones and learning more about them seems like one of the major DCEU arcs to come. come.

#4 The DCEU is (finally) exploring other teams

Black Adam: 7 proofs the movie will change the DCEU forever

Up to Black Adam, the DCEU was essentially focused on on the Justice League, it is to say around the adventures of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman. But Black Adam introduces new teams which -without replacing them- add new blood to the cast.We saw the Justice Society, with Hawkman, Dr. Fate, but also the young Atom Smasher and Cyclone. A team that would have adored have a movie to watch its name, but this is not planned at this time. We can only hope to see her again with the solo films introducing new heroes like Blue Beetle, Static Shock, Hourman or Zatanna, if the projects survive. here their exit.

#5 the confrontation between Black Adam and Superman is inevitable

Black Adam: 7 proofs the movie will change the DCEU forever

Rather than introducing a major villain across multiple films like Thanos in the MCU, the DCEU seems to have made the choice of rivalry; between two superpowers, between two ideals. Black Adam and Superman are going to meet, and it can't be done peacefully, as the post-credits scene suggests. . Because of his combative nature, the character played; by The Rock could well become the new big villain of the DCEU license. Nobody trusts him, neither the Justice Society nor Amanda Waller.

#6 questioning the Justice Society

Black Adam: 7 Proofs The Movie Will Change The DCEU Forever

the Justice League, the Justice Society is far from spiritually pure. Black Adam makes it clear to Hawkman, dealing a heavy blow to its credibility with the political seat of Kahndaq. They saw the horrors for themselves while trying to stop Black Adam. The future looks bleak for this team of heroes, and the slightest mistake will be a terrible blow to them. their reputation, which can go as far as cause their destruction if they are not careful.

#7 Henry Cavill's Return as Superman

Black Adam: 7 proofs that the film will change the DCEU forever

And ça, it's still classy, ​​in addition to announcing the film Man of Steel 2.

Have you seen the movie? You'll be curious to know that the post-credit scene could have been very different!