Bitcoin passed the mark of 20 thousand dollars

Bitcoin passed the mark of 20 thousand dollars

Bitcoin breaks $20k mark

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A week ago, bitcoin lost more than 15% of its value and collapsed below $20,000. However, on June 20, the cryptocurrency began to gain momentum again and is already worth $20,731, writes.

Experts disagree – some consider this a temporary jump before a further fall, while others are confident that the bitcoin rate will only grow now.

Over the past day, bitcoin has recovered by a little more than 15% and rose to $20,731 per coin. Its market capitalization has added $20 billion and now reaches $391 billion.

Along with bitcoin, another popular currency, Ethereum, has fallen. Falling to  On June 18, to $898, on June 20, the exchange rate of this currency recovered to $1,126 (+25% growth).

Nobel laureate in economics Paul Krugman considers the recovery of cryptocurrency a temporary phenomenon.

Cryptoskeptic Peter Schiff also urged investors not to rejoice in the increase in the rate of bitcoin, since there are no grounds for the rate to continue to grow. for the last fall of bitcoin, a “bottom” may begin to form cryptocurrency rate. In his opinion, most of the sales are over.

President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele advises miners to be patient and wait for the cryptocurrency rate to rise. This, in his opinion, will definitely happen.

Earlier, BAGNET reported that some analysts suggested that Bitcoin could very well rise in price to a million dollars.

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