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Bishop's University exempt from tuition fee increase

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Bishop's University campus.


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The Minister of Higher Education, Pascale Déry, announces that Bishop's University will be exempt of the increase in tuition fees for Canadian students from outside Quebec.

The demographic and linguistic situation in the Estrie region being distinct from that of the greater Montreal region, Bishop's University will be able to continue to welcome a fixed number of students [Canadians not residents of Quebec] at the current rate , indicates the minister in a letter sent to the principal and vice-chancellor of Bishop's University, Sébastien Lebel-Grenier

The minister specifies that a total of 825 price exclusions may be granted to the Estrienne university, which covers the number of Canadian students from outside Quebec currently studying there. p>

Bishop's will also have to comply with a francization target of 80%, but its funding will not be conditional on achieving this target, adds the minister.

Thanks to the absolutely exceptional support of the Estrie community, we managed to obtain real consideration of the circumstances of Bishop's .

A quote from Sébastien Lebel-Grenier, principal and vice-chancellor of Bishop's University

LoadingThe minimum rate for students Canadians not residents of Quebec revised downwards

ELSE ON INFO: The minimum rate for Canadian students not residents of Quebec revised downward

However, they deplore that the measures put in place by Quebec will have negative effects on English-speaking universities. This whole crisis was caused by measures that came out of nowhere and which will continue to have a significant impact on Concordia University and McGill University, he says.

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