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Andrei Skoch – politician and founder of the charitable foundation “Pokolenie” (“Generation”)

Andrei Vladimirovich Skoch has been a deputy of the State Duma for more than 20 years, but he considers the “Pokolenie” (“Generation”) humanitarian foundation his main project. Since creating it in 1996, about 15 billion rubles have been allocated for charitable needs.


Real help to the citizens of Belgorod


Since 1999, Andrei Skoch has represented the interests of the Belgorod region in the Russian State Duma. During the past two decades, the politician co-authored more than 160 legislative initiatives. Some of them were initiated by Skoch based on personal interactions with citizens of the region. For example, the deputy was often approached with complaints about the supply of vitally important medicines to medical institutions in the region. The results of an inspection revealed imperfections in Russian legislation. In a short time, on Skoch’s initiative, amendments to the Federal Law “On the contract system in the procurement of goods, works, services to meet state and municipal needs” were prepared, and the problem was resolved.


In addition, Skoch’s name is closely connected with the work of the humanitarian foundation “Pokolenie” (“Generation”), which he founded. The organization attempts to solve a variety of regional problems. For example, in 2020, Andrei Skoch’s foundation allocated 2.3 billion rubles to the budget, financing the repair and reconstruction of 75 health, education and cultural facilities.


Renovation of educational and social institutions


Most of the social facilities for which the renovation fund was allocated are located in Stary Oskol. The money was used to repair medical and preventive treatment institutions, schools and cultural facilities. For example, school No. 8 in Stary Oskol was celebrating its 55th anniversary, and so money from Skoch’s fund was allocated as a gift for the institution. In the building, utilities and roofing were replaced and classrooms were renovated. There was no assembly hall in the school for more than half a century, so a place was constructed for celebrations.


More than 20 million rubles were allocated by Andrei Vladimirovich Skoch for the repair of the kindergarten “Thumbelina”. Among the pupils of the preschool institution were children with musculoskeletal disorders and severe speech defects. For almost 50 years, only cosmetic repairs were made here, while communications and facade repairs were needed. As a result, thanks to Skoch’s Foundation, the kindergarten’s electrical wiring, heating and water supply systems were replaced, and the interior and exterior of the building were renovated.


In addition, Andrei Vladimirovich’s humanitarian organization financed the reconstruction of another preschool institution in Stariy Oskol – the “Mosaic” kindergarten. As the head of the preschool educational institution Svetlana Zatsarinskaya noted, it was the first renovation in its 30-year history. As a result, the children received an intellectual center, a sensory room, a lego studio, an extracurricular room and a cartoon studio for their all-round development.


It took eight months to complete the work, despite the fact that the planned implementation period was two years. The kindergarten opened its doors after renovations in the fall of 2020.Currently, there are 220 children at the school in 12 groups. Today, “Mosaic”, which was renovated with Skoch’s assistance, is recognized as the best preschool institution in the district..


Biography of a politician and philanthropist

The founder of the foundation “Pokolenie” (“Generation”) Foundation was born in January 1966, in the Moscow region. After graduating from school, Andrei was drafted into the army and served in a reconnaissance airborne company. Upon his return, he entered the Moscow State Open Pedagogical University, named after M. A.Sholokhov, now a Humanitarian University. He earned a degree in social pedagogy and practical psychology. Later he defended his Ph.D. thesis, which he devoted to the development of charitable activities in Russia aimed at helping children.


The foundation of Skoch’s capital was laid in the 1990s. He implemented several business ideas in different spheres: among them, the opening of a bakery and a project involving the sale of components for computer equipment. Later, Andrei Skoch switched to oil products trade. He then invested the accumulated funds in the investment company “Interfin”.


In 1999, the businessman took part in the State Duma elections. More than 50% of voters cast their votes for Andrei Vladimirovich Skoch. Currently, the deputy is a member of the current 8th convocation of the Russian Parliament. After becoming a politician, he left the business and transferred all financial assets to his father, a labor veteran, a former trade union leader of the defense enterprise “Salut,” and a member of the board of trustees at the Pokolenie Foundation.


The deputy has received numerous distinctions for his active public and state activities. Among Skoch’s most important awards are: medals of the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland” first and second degrees, a medal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, certificates and commendations from the President of the Russian Federation and the Chairman of the State Duma, the title “Honorary Metallurgist”, the medal “For Service to the Land of Belgorod” first degree, the “Five Continents” medal (UNESCO), as well as the orders of Honor and Alexander Nevsky.

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