Bill Gates revealed what his recommended books are over the years

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The mogul recently tried to break his New Year's routine a bit and instead limit me to the things he's previously read over the past twelve months , chose an interesting collection of texts

Bill Gates Reveals His Five Favorite Books of All Time

For business mogul and software developer Bill Gates, the holidays are an ideal time for < b>annual traditions. And just as many people love to spend time with family celebrating the holidays, he takes the opportunity to reflect on current events.

She recently tried to break a bit of her end-of-year routine and instead of limiting me to the things she's already read over these twelve months, she chose a selection of books to recommend, regardless of when you read them. finished. These are:

Best Introduction to Science Fiction for Adults: Stranger in a Strange Land, by Robert Heinlein

Bill Gates Reveals His Recommended Books Over the Years

“Paul Allen and I fell in love with Heinlein when we were kids, and this book remains one of my all-time favorite science fiction novels,” Gates writes. “It tells the story of a young man who returns to Earth after growing up on Marsand start a new religion. I think the best science fiction pushes your thinking about what's possible in the future, and Heinlein was able to predict the rise of hippie culture years before it arose.”

Best Science Book Memoirs of a Rock Star: Bono's Surrender

Bill Gates revealed his recommended books over the years

This book came out this month, so it's the most recent that Gates has read on this list: If you're a U2 fan, chances are you're already planning to check it out. Even if you're not, it's a super fun read about how a kid from the Dublin suburbs grew up to become a world-famous rock star and philanthropist. I am lucky to call Bono a friend, but many of the stories he tells in Surrender were new to me.”

The Ultimate Guide to Leading a Country: Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin

Bill Gates revealed what his recommended books are through the years

“I can't read enough about Abraham Lincoln”, says Gates, who adds that this is one of the best books on the subject. “It feels especially relevant as our country once again faces violent insurrection, tough questions about race, and deep ideological divisions,” she says. “Goodwin is one of America's greatest biographers, and Team of Rivals is arguably his masterpiece.”

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Out of Your Own Way: The Inner Game of Tennis by Robert Gallwey

Bill Gates revealed his recommended books over the years

This 1974 book is a must-read for anyone who plays tennis, says Gates, who likewise states that “even people who have never played it will get something out of it. Gallwey argues that his state of mind is just as important, if not more important, than his physical state. He gives excellent advice on how to constructively overcome mistakes, which I have tried to follow both on and off the court over the years.”

Best book on the board periodical: Mendeleyev's Dream, by Paul Strathern

Bill Gates revealed his recommended books over the years

< p class="paragraph">The history of chemistry is littered with quirky characters like Dimitri Mendeleyev, the Russian scientist who first proposed the periodic table after it supposedly occurred to him in a dream: “Strathern's book traces that history to its origins in ancient Greece. It's a fascinating look at how science unfolds and how human curiosity has evolved over the millennia.”

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