Bill Gates refused to buy a new iPhone

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Bill Gates refused to buy a new iPhone

Photo: Global Look Press

< p>Microsoft founder Bill Gates confirmed that he still refuses to switch to iPhone smartphones from Apple and intends to continue to use mobile gadgets on the Android operating system. This was reported by Business Insider.

Reddit user 1oarecare asked the billionaire what smartphone he has for daily trips.

"I play with&nbsp often enough ;iPhone, but used to  Android. Some manufacturers of  Android gadgets pre-install Microsoft software in a way that makes it easier for me", — he added.

Gates is currently using a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, which was released in 2022. In the                       called his “greatest mistake” that he allowed Google to develop Android. Microsoft released its own mobile gadgets based on Windows, but stopped selling them in 2017. The devices did not have a strong impact on the  smartphone market, which by that time was divided by Android and iOS.

Earlier, Bill Gates explained that he abandoned the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 smartphone, as the head of Samsung gave him a new version of a folding smartphone with dual displays during a meeting in South Korea.

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