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The parliamentary session will not be extended, the government and the opposition having failed to agree.

Bill 15 will be passed under gag order

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The Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, and the government's parliamentary leader Simon Jolin-Barrette publicly announced on Wednesday that they had offered the oppositions the opportunity to sit next week to pass Bill 15 by Christmas. Their proposal was rejected, the other parties refusing to conclude an agreement with the CAQ involving a deadline for the adoption of the legislative piece, which they dislike. (Archive photo)

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Minister Christian Dubé's mega-reform of the health system should be adopted today thanks to the exceptional legislative procedure, commonly called “gag”. This therefore means that the hundreds of articles which have not yet been studied in parliamentary committee will be adopted as is.

Christian Dubé has been listening to the opposition's suggestions for 238 hours, do you think it still takes more?, declared Prime Minister François Legault while going to the Salon bleu this morning for question period.

The government had offered the opposition parties to extend the session by one week to continue the detailed study of the bill in parliamentary committee, on condition that they agree to return to the ;National Assembly to adopt it on Thursday or Friday, but in vain.

According to our information, the exception procedure should be implemented implemented this afternoon. The opposition parties were convened at 3 p.m.

Bill 15, which has 1,200 articles, essentially aims to create the Santé Québec agency, which would inherit the management of the operations of the public network to allow the ministry to concentrate on the main orientations.

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More details will follow.

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