Bile Cyprus was opened to a great birthplace of gas

Bile Cyprus was opened to a great birthplace of gas

Belarus of Cyprus made a great birthplace of gas

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Bile of the coast of Cyprus knew how to save gas

Cyprus companies are already working on ways to speed up and optimize the development of this new gas.

Bile of the coast of Cyprus has shown a great birthplace of natural gas. This was announced by the French company TotalEnergies and the Italian company Eni.

“Previous estimates indicate the presence of close to 2.5 trillion cubic meters. foot in gas with a significant additional potential, which will be tracked for additional additional development of the northwest in this region & # 8221;, & # 8211; go to Eni.

The third gas sign has already been discovered near the coastal waters of Cyprus, the stench is still unavailable, and it will be released at that hour, if the European Union is looking for an alternative supply of Russian gas after the lute invasion of Moscow Ukraine.

Cyprus and the company “to already implement ways to speed up the optimization of the new output, as acceptable to the European Union to improve its energy security”, – Cyprus Ministry of Energy announced.

Cyprus announced its first natural gas approval, Aphrodite , in 2011, a turnover of close to 4.5 trillion cubic feet, and is contagiously carried out by the American energy company Chevron. The gas is sharply sprying, the shards of the old v—Ėdkrittya are coming to bear fruit.

At the birch, the Cypriot authorities announced that the assessment of the Sverdlovina confirmed the presence of a reservoir of high-oxygen gas in the other region on the first stop of the island.

Member Cyprus, however, stumbled by its strong entanglement on the side of Turkey with some exploration programs on the shelf, with claims to jurisdiction that stretches from land to sea.

Let's guess, ahead of time the price of gas in Europe exceeded 2900 dollars per thousand cubic meters.