Biker strike next week: sector leaders call for mobilizations throughout the country

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Through social networks the call by two leaders of this sector was known, where they urge motorcyclists to take to the streets to demand the fulfillment of your requests

Biker strike next week: sector leaders call for mobilizations throughout the country

Bikers will take to the streets, as they point out that the government did not comply. Taken from @BogotaTransito

On October 12 of this year, Colombia saw thousands of motorcycles roll through the streets of the country, here, the motorcyclists demanded compliance with an extensive list of petitions, related to the rights of this sector, however, allegedly said petitions They were not fulfilled and this motivated the bikers to make decisions, thus decreeing a new mobilization throughout the national territory.

In a broadcast through social networks, the leaders of two important motorcycle groups announced zero hour, a dynamic that urges all bikers in the country to take to the streets and demonstrate their nonconformity next Wednesday, November 23, as they argue that the terms established at the dialogue table have not yet been met.

On this issue, Miguel Forero, leader of the SOS Motocultura Collective stated:

“Zero hour will come on Wednesday, but not only in Bogotá, but in various parts of Colombia, zero hour began in Cali, in a meeting we had with the ministry where we were looking for solutions on the issue of SOAT and the issue of terms which was October 31, but we began to see many attacks, persecution in Cali and at the national level.”

Similarly, Miguel Forero< /b> lashed out at the National Government, pointing out that they waited for solutions until the last minute and were never taken into account, which is why they will take to the streets en masse, not only in Bogotá, but also in all the cities of the country

“Zero hour is how long we waited for the government to give us solutions, and there we decided to take a date, send it to city leaders and the decision of zero hour was made, where the decision of the great march that we hope will be at the national level with many cities”, stated Forero.

Among the issues that were discussed in October, he highlighted the SOAT controversy, since the high cost of this document makes it difficult for many motorcyclists to acquire it and resort to mobilizing illegally without it, in turn, the leader of SOS Motocultura pointed out that workers of platforms are also being affected.

“You are being hurt, you are the ones who cannot get the SOAT, you are the ones who are chasing you in the streets, you are being immobilized their motorcycles, they are not letting them work freely, for example the platform people because the platform issue was discussed, they are persecuting them instead of persecuting the real criminals”

For his part, Julián Forero 'Fuchi', leader of the Official Street Brothers sent a message to President Gustavo Petro, specifying that they will go to his office, since he considers that both ministers and delegates are “puppets”. .

Forero stated:

“During the mobilization and zero hour we are going to demand that the president receive us in his office, because We already realized that the only one who has the power to make decisions is him, from there on down they are a herd of puppets and clowns, that all they do is sweeten people, warm people up and they never solve anything for them ”.

Finally, he highlighted his disappointment with Guillermo Reyes, as he assured that he simply deceived them: ”There is a transport minister who I thought was a person who was going to listen to us, and all he did was give us candy, and in the end he forgot the agreements and signatures he made with us.”< /p>